Build Mobile Apps For Foldable , Multi Display Devices

Build Mobile Apps For Foldable , Multi Display Devices

If you are using smartphones since last decades , you may have seen how it has been changed in last few years from flip phones to QWERTY business phone and then later on to touch screens . The latest trending phone is foldable smartphones in marketplace . The reason why it is getting lot and lot of attraction is it is foldable in nature with a screen that can blend . These screen can get bigger in size when opened and can be folded back to smaller size when it has no use . Read the Gartner report which states foldable phones will reach 30 million units by 2023 here .

How Foldable Phones Will Impact Developmental Process 

It is quite obvious that with increase in trend of foldable smartphones , mobile app development process will also get impacted . The reason being developers needs to take care of both small and large screen in a single device foldable smartphones .
The process gets changed when it comes to both design aspect as well as technical know how . If you are developers and is pretty sure that only UX will solve these problems , then its not , instead the impact is much larger . In order to start with , these follows will give opportunity to  developers to create awesome experience for users as it facilitates multiple window . One of the biggest advantage of foldable smartphones is it facilitates user to video stream apps in larger screen . In the same way user can lookout at full moth calendar , news app and email reading will become simpler and so on .

How Can Mobile Apps Be Ready With Foldable Phones  ? 

Foldable smartphones are ought to give amazing experience that regular smartphones as it facilitates user to increase their size of screen as per their usage , thereby facilitating better streaming experience . In addition to it these smartphones gives better multi tasking by multiple screen display , which in turn means simply watching video , chat with friends and booking of tickets all at a time .

App Continuity 

In case of foldable smartphones , app needs to be able to transition from one screen to another in smooth and automatic way . In order to give best in class user experience the task need not be be interrupted and continues rather seamlessly after transition . It should be carried out in a way that the app should be able to resume in same position and location irrespective of the way phone is folded ( in or out ) 

PC : Android

Make Your App Resizable 

It is very important to develop your app in a way that it should work in multi frame mode with vigorous resizing . This will surely ensure maximum compatibility of your app irrespective of the device they will be functioning in , ie Foldable mobile device , normal mobile device etc .

New Screen Ration 

In order to ensure mobile app maximum compatibility , it should be tested on as many screen ratios as possible . Thanks to Android 10 which supports larger and wider screen ratios as well . However with foldable smartphones , form factor may differ from super long to thin screens , to 1:1 .

Multi Window 

We all are used to situation of using two apps in a single screen . In case of foldable phones , there might be a situation in which multiple apps can be running side by side specially when phones is expandable to larger screen size . This necessarily means there might be 3 apps running at a time instead of only two .

Multi Resume 

It is advisable for mobile app developers to focus on apps that has capability of multi resume in case of foldable devices . Android 10 and later version supports this feature in which all the apps and activities are in resume state when device is on multi-window mode . This feature is really helpful for running running with content and will get paused when app was not in focus .

Foldable Testing 

In order to make app ready for release , it is important to test it in foldable devices . As a developers you should focus on following things :

  • Configuration changes 
  • Multi window and multi resume 
  • Resizing and new screen ratios 

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