Three reasons Mac OS is better than Windows for developing software

Three reasons Mac OS is better than Windows for developing software

We guess macOS is better at developing software than Windows. I have stated that and I stand by that statement. As a former Windows user, I’m going to give you three reasons that macOS is better than Windows. Before you remove the pitchforks, let me explain my logic to make this bold statement. 

1. Unix- grounded OS 

One of the best things about macOS is that it is a Unix-based OS. Unix is an operating system designed to be used by programmers. As a result, one of the greatest benefits of this OS is its integrated terminal. This terminal can handle almost any command-line job that you throw at it from the box. 

Built from hundreds of specialized utilities, the terminal offers programmers a complete toolbox, enabling them to execute commands, run programs and take full control of the operating system. By comparison, the Windows command prompt has a very limited feature. Many popular Unix commands are missing. 

cat, touch, grep, and a lot more. This limits the operation system of the control programmers. 

To get the same functionality as the macOS terminal on Windows comes with its challenges, and often users end up installing a terminal such as Unix. It adds a lot of redundant setups which are often not intuitive for the user. Being adapted to access all those tools with the macOS terminal out of the box makes the use of macOS an excellent option for developers. 

Some may argue that PowerShell on Windows may be close to being competitive with the macOS terminal. In some cases, it may, but in comparison with Unix, the PowerShell syntax has a very steep learning curve. Unix is also used all along an important technical structure used today. This makes it a more advantageous syntax to learn and use for developers. 

2. Gestures 

Two of the biggest benefits of macOS quality of life are its gestures and shortens. Combining macOS software and hardware from Apple devices generates a killer user experience. The result is very smooth and intuitive movements and shortcuts. The features are not only pleasant for the average user but software developers too. Here are a few of the things macOS does. 

Swipe through the full-screen applications. 

It is an available alternative to the norm. 

alt-tab or tab 

how to switch from one page to another. This enables the user to move from one screen to the other by sliding left/right with three or four fingers without having to use the keyboard. Whether you’re switching from one code to another or from a stack overflow screen, this makes it easy to navigate your desktop. 

Mission Control 

By sliding with three/ four fingers on the trackpad, you can see each open program on your desk. This enables you to detect any program or window in an accessible space without the need to click on it. This is especially helpful if a program you use gets lost behind a ton of other programs and gives you direct access to them. 

App Expose 

By swiping three/four fingers down on the trackpad, you can see each instance of the current program you are using. For illustration, if you have many terminals open, opening the app exposure lets you see every terminal open. You can also select the one you need from the source rather than having to open each to check. 

These are three of the many gestures available for mac OS. Windows has no such actions. When Windows does not allow movement, it is not as smooth and intuitive as the macOS experience. These gestures are helpful for programmers as they always have many open programs. From IDEs to terminals to websites, mac Os gestures make it easy to interact with these programs and pages. 

3. Cross-platform development 

The final one is that macOS allows more development of accessible cross-platform. macOS is one of the most flexible operating systems in software development. Whether you’re building Android, iOS, web, or desktop apps, macOS has the tools to do everything. 

The biggest benefit of macOS is the possibility to develop native iOS apps and many more through Xcode. With Xcode, you can run, create, and test iOS apps right from your computer. Compared to Windows, if you want to build an iOS app, you must install a virtual machine to launch macOS. This is not only less efficient but not as perfect as the developer process on macOS. For those looking to develop apps in the Apple ecosystem, macOS is an elegant option. 

macOS also has a variety of tools that work and switch from the Windows operating system to macOS. Not only does this help developers develop Windows applications, but it also runs the Windows OS on the hardware of an Apple device. This is the best option in comparison with running a macOS virtual machine on Windows hardware. Access to both operational systems offers the ability to develop any software on almost any platform.

Let’s chat. 

Combining the Unix-based OS with the gestures and multiplatform capabilities of macOS is what has conquered my heart from Windows to Mac. Out of the box, macOS delivers the most different set of tools for any developer to begin developing software. The hardware coupled with the software of macOS makes the experience unmatched to another system. 

Enhancing Customer Experience With Digital No Touch Payment In Covid-19 Times

Enhancing Customer Experience With Digital No Touch Payment In Covid-19 Times

If you are reading this article , then you must be aware that how COVID-19 is spreading worldwide and have affected people , process and enterprises worldwide . The novel coronavirus continues to increase at high speed as fatal virus remains unchecked . In this unpredictable times , the world relies on technology and how any fin-tech infrastructure works . Adding on electronic payment ecosystem is very much important for any business owner as well as their customers in this times .
In this pandemic situation wherein social distancing is must , payment ecosystem is challenging job . At Winklix , our tech team has identified various factors wherein we can build exclusive technology roadmaps which strengthen payment cycle for many of our customers . Our team sole aim is to harness the power of technology in digital contactless payments . And that is the reason we have facilitated many of our clients to build payment gateway infrastructure and digital ecosystem .

Unlocking Power Of No-Touch Digital Transactions 

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we are used to our life . Contactless payment are now considered as more safer and hygienic way of payment . And that is the reason some of the key fintech players in marketplace are rushing towards adopting this contactless payment option .
In fact as per recent study , leadings technology leaders as well as government is promoting touch less digital transactions . Due to this push , digital transactions are expected to raise by 9 percentage worldwide . In order to make adoption even more faster , government are guiding persons the personal benefits of digital payment ecosystem .
That is the reason we are helping our clients to develop technology advanced e-payment platform to address changing business needs which will aid consumers to avoid crowded marketplace as well as place a cap on social interactions . In addition to it , it will help business embrace concept of e-payments as well as money less transactions . 

Do More With Chat 

We develop build in chat interface for facilitating chat between consumers and merchants in a way that consumer can discuss payment specific condition or any other condition related to order booking , deliverers and more right from one platform .
The whole idea behind developing of in-app chat interface is to facilitate clients with interface wherein they can change the way they used to interact with consumers . Chat facility facilitates consumers to chat with the merchant on real time basis . It will also facilitate to prebook any order and pay directly to merchant without being navigated to any other mobile app . By this way the whole experience of using app will become more intuitive and hassle free .
Our main focus is always to focus on UI/UX part in this challenging time as well in order to give your app faster and more easier performance . Further more the payment system will be more intuitive in a way that you don’t have to steep learning curve .

Making Payment In Secured Manner Is Topmost Priority 

Finally last but not the least , it’s obvious that we can’t enhance the whole UI/UX part without keeping an eye on security . When it comes to payment , security is top most concern in every digital interaction that will transact in ecosystem .
If you are one of those fintech giant who is having security glitches in payment system , then it may attract fraudulence and cyber attracts amid COVID-19 outbreak . Our software comes with full fledge security protocols in a way that digital transactions can be carried on in secured manner .
We have also included escrow feature in our software so that customer can trust fintech companies payment system for their payment made to vendors and getting back to their wallet or bank accounts in case of any queries or cancellation .
In addition to it , the digital wallets for both consumers and merchants have very high end security feature to process your request as well as sending and receiving payments .

Other Features : Miscellaneous 

Other than just facilitating contactless payment , the fintech industries has come up with other awesome things too . They also facilitate newsfeeds wherein the business owners can send news or offers for promoting their offers and customer can seasonally get offers and discounts on products as well as on new arrivals . Thereby these posts can be easily visible by all business followers on the platform .
The users on the other hand can also use newsfeed for doing and recording transactions of amount , comment and like .In this way newsfeed feature can obviously bring add on benefits for both vendors and consumers by way of digital advertising irrespective of their size of business ( whether small or big ) .

Unleash The Power Of Digital Possibilities With Technology Giant 

We take every challenging task as a challenge and thereby when it comes to real fintech ecosystem implementation for increasing our digital transactions in these COVID-19 times , feel free to reach out to our tech team . At Winklix , we are expertise in development of web based and mobile based fintech ecosystems .
If your enterprise is seeking help in web application development , then you are probably at right place . We have in house team of designers and developers who have decades of experience in working with fintech creators from all over the world . Get connected with our worldwide sales team for shaping your business idea in this difficult times as well .

Ways To Develop Progressive Web App Likewise Mobile Apps


What is progressive apps ? Progressive apps are apps that are compatible with running on a browser and have  equipped feature of native systems to like push notification , ability to work online and so on . This technology is probably one of the best technology that has ever come till now for mobile app development company who wants to reach out in different platforms .Custom web development of progressive web apps has reached the next level . You could imagine a time when you want to launch your app on each platform in which you have to build four different apps for different platforms namely Android, iOS , macOS and windows . But greatest thanks to google and Microsoft whose combined efforts have facilitated a web development company to build web apps with native touch.

But the major drawback in this latest technology sack is most of the developers lacks to provide the native look and feel in app development . It is not just because of their bad performance , but it is more lack of polish which requires certain tips and tricks to make it feel more native . Below listed is some of the tips to give progressive web app into a look and feel of native app .

Disabling Pinch To Zoom

Progressive web apps offers web user to zoom by pinching it easily . This pinching and zooming feature sometimes comes up with major problem as a user may face sometime the things get wind up out of the view . But when we are talking about native apps they often does not allow pinch to zoom features except to zoom images and maps.  The best solution is to disable this feature in order to give best experience to user .

Changing Interactive Elements

A native app will never allows you to select elements in app with hand or a mouse cursor . However this is not the case with progressive web apps which always allows selectable elements. This particular features gives a look and feel of a document rather than full fledged interface . This can be changed to non selectable element with just a fewer change in CSS code , so it’s always better to not to allow selective elements within their own app to users .

Reactive Programming

We all might have heard a technology like Angular and React . This technology is based on Javascript  which allows to load the refreshed item on page as soon as they get updated without even re refreshing the page , thereby making the app more responsive and giving more feel of native apps . Both Angular and React are well suited for dynamic content .

Setting Home Screen Icon For Each Platform

One of the features of progressive web apps in inherent ability for user to pin point app to their home screen . Every OS has their own specific interface which required their own app icons . Its onto your wish to change the app icons to make it more attractive and give it a look and feel of platform specific design . For instance adding a diagonal shadow in your app icon in android app make it more recognisable .


Progressive web apps are gaining huge popularity in recent years . As the demand of phone gap development of these apps is increasing , the developers have to keep a close eye on the latest trend in these technologies in order to make progressive app similar to mobile apps . By keeping in mind the above listed things to be avoided , you can deliver progressive apps similar to mobile app .