How Much Does App Like CBS Sports Cost ?


Have you ever wonder that how much does an sports fantasy app like CBS Sports cost to develop right from scratch ? There has been decreasing rates for live sports events measured by sports facility owner and business who are involved in same really need to work on good marketing strategy in order to regain interest of user . Developing an mobile app to engage user is great way to increase the interest , as it has been measured that 90 % of the mobile time get spent by user on their mobile devices .

Here are some other interesting figures which can make you convincing to move towards mobile app development :

As sports app comes in category of game app only , its very much beneficial to have your own sports app to broadcast live score , give them a chance to play fantasy sports , get integration with favourite stars etc .

CBS Sports App : #1 App For Top Sports News , Scores , Video And More 

CBS Interactive has launched app named as CBS sports for mobile and connected TVs . Its primary focus o=is to provide users with privilege access to sporting events as well as providing in depth analysis , breaking news , live score updates and on demand video .
CBS sports works on subscription model , but at the same time has multiple revenue model as well . It facilitates fantasy sports events which help them in generation of healthy income through sponsorship and contests . In addition to it many in app purchases of merchandise is also available in app like sports apparel , fan gear , sports equipment , footwear etc .

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Essential Features Of CBS Sports Like App 

In order to ensure profitability and regular engagement of user , you must include the feature as given below in your app : 
e-tickets : In this fast moving world nobody has time to physically go for buying tickets of live events . Facilitating user with an option to buy e-tickets from within the app will surely add on value to your app .
Calendar integration : Apps always make it easier to add reminder to your calendar , subject to user’s approval . This will aids user to get reminder for live events and engagement within app .
Wearable connectivity : With increasing use of IoT devices  , user finds it interactive to have app integrated with their IoT devices . Sports apps can make this connectivity easier and effective .
Geofencing : This feature can be used in app to improve overall engagement and viewership of live events . But it should be always taken care of to take user permission for location as well as sending them push notification , else they will find your app unhealthy and they might take decision to uninstall app .
Video and Audio : World is moving towards audio and video interaction instead of text based information . Your app must be enriched with high quality engaging audio and video .
Live Streaming : Live streaming of popular sports events is must have feature for every other sports apps . It has become most import feature for any sports apps .
Fantasy Leagues : If your app has provision of conducting Fantasy League element , then its quite obvious to gain popularity and finds more engagement among users .
Team Management : Management any kind of sports team can easily be performed using sports apps .
Real Time Alerts : Push notification alerts for real time events and reminders can help you with engaging content with users .

Guideline To Make App Like CBS Sports 

If you are really planning to build your app similar to CBS Sports fantasy apps , given below is quick guidelines which should be taken care into consideration while developing an app .

  • It should have engaging UI/UX design in order to engage users .
  • All the data should be stored centrally on cloud servers in order to have faster access
  • The fans should be facilitated with a medium of communication with players on real time basis 
  • Push notifications should be present to engage users to give them important notification 
  • Payment gateway should be in built integrated in app to facilitate in app purchases 
  • Always try to provide highest level of security in app in order to secure data of users 

How Much Does CBS Sports App Development Cost ?

If you are not in business of developing apps , then you may consult some app development agency for your outsourcing needs . Some of the important factors which contribute towards cost of development is : 

Backend and Front End Development 

Every other app development involves front end and backend development . These development depends on using different technologies depending on the functions you are looking to built the same . Cost totally depends on the technology .

App Specific Requirement 

In order to make your app in less time , you need to install lots of third party libraries for adding different features . The cost of app depends on how much services you want to implement in mobile app , and hence investment required for developing the app .

Choice Of Platform 

The cost also depends on the choice of platform that you want to develop to make your app available on respective app development platform . You will need to decide whether you want to make your app available in native or hybrid one . Moreover you will also need to decide on platforms like native or hybrid mobile app .

Location Of Development Company 

The cost also depends on the location of mobile app development company . When you choose a team to which you want to outsource your app development project , you should take this factor into account .


The app development cost depends on numerous of factors as listed above . In case you want to know the correct mobile app development cost , you may take help of mobile app development consultant like Winklix to get the exact round of cost  .