Which One To Choose For Development : A Freelancer Or A Development Company ?

freelancer vs company : which one to choose

This is one of the toughest decision that you should proceed with utmost care with full responsibility . When we are actually taking about mobile app development , then it involves a set of process like UI/UX designing , visualising of result of your future campaign , testing the ability of your app to make money with it and at the same time targeting right customer who will use your app – all these approaches can’t be reached with a Freelancer as they are individual person , rather a team will always perform better .

But as the title of page describe that this article is about comparison between the two , let us explain you which choice is the right one and the reason behind it .

Team Issue

In order to get the best result in app development process , a mobile app development company with different expertise of professionals will surely give you result beyond your imagination .
Company : A app development company will provide you with dedicated resources who will purely work on your project till the time your project gets finished . Moreover , if you want your app to be delivered early , they will have a more resources who can work on your project with a backup team always standing in their bending in case someone does not appear .
Freelancer : Suppose you have hired some sets of freelancer having different technical background and is located at different countries . What do you think ? Will that work for you ? They all have a different sets of mind , will work as per their time zones  . One of the toughest task while dealing with freelancers are to solve the challenges which arises during the developmental process . In short freelancers are all alone and they will never come up with great result that will fulfil your market goals .


Have you ever thought if any things goes wrong after deliver , who will be responsible for it ? A freelancer will obviously never going to bear any kind of responsibility and that will surely be the dead end of your campaign .
Company : Will surely take all the responsibility for specified time period in order to maintain their reputation and be on the top list of customer satisfaction .
Freelancer : They are not working under any company , and hence they might be busy doing their personal work , and thus will not care about their level of responsibility .

Attitude To Your Project

 A app development is a time taking process and if your want your app to be developed in a runway , it will not give you a quality .
Company : The end app will add on to their portfolio and hence they really bothers about the end result .
Freelancer : Will always be in hurry to finish your project , get their working paid and move on to next project .


There should always be a supervisor who should pre check the codes before delivering of the application . Right from our childhood we were always been in a society where we have been guided by some supervisor for our right and wrongs , and same is the process in app development .
Company : A company consist of person with different skill sets guide by a team leader who will quality check your app before its final delivery . For you will be ensured that every resources working on your project is under your control and each one of them is following the quality guidelines .
Freelancer : A freelancer has a general believe that they are the leaders of their own mind and they don’t want any tutors . As a result the product delivered will be delivered single minded in which you may lack certain approaches .


No one during the development process will remain untouched with the issue that arises during process , and you will definitely need to ask with developers in details about the same .
Company : Will have a set of time in which they will be online to help you as they are professionals who work under one roof in one time .
Freelancer : Is almost next to impossible to reach them .


Undoubtedly choosing a company will also add on value to your app. But these does not mean freelancer are bad specialist , they are specialist in their own home . But when we are considering app development , choosing a company is the one which will do .

Why To Choose Ionic FrameWork To Build Your Next App

ionic app development company

If you are just stepping into app development world , then you Mau come across with variety of question which comes before developmental process to start , and one of the best question being asked is which platform to choose to start the app developmental process .  Although there are plenty of them available in marketplace but in this article we are restricting our decision considering Ionic Framework .

Ionic framework facilitates usability of combination of programming languages like CSS , HTML5 and Javascript . With the combination of all these you can get your desired app with better user interface for your targeted audience .

Now lets look at some of the reasons why Winklix think you should use Ionic framework for developing your app :

One Code For All Platform

A coder has to write a single code for the app to be launched in all the platform , which is usually not the case in case of native mobile app development which will take more time to build and have to be build for that specific platform  . Assume if you are launching your application on Android only , then there me be a chance that a iOS user will not be accessible of your app and you may be loosing the customers of iOS .

Ionic framework gives you opportunity of launching the app across all platform with ease .

Ionic Framework Is Free To Use

Its Free !! This is probably the best feature that ionic framework offers . Right from developmental process to launching ,marketing and branding – it is quite expensive process . Usually it has been seen that any frameworks will cost you around $ 1000 , while ionic framework is free which can obviously  going to ease some of the burden . It might also be a case that even if are not sure of using it , you can atleast give it a try as it is free .

The User Interface Is Awesome

If you are looking for beautiful app to attract more number of users , then probably ionic framework is the best way to go with . Ionic uses a combination of CSS and Javascript which is used in combination with Angular JS which gives you awesome button , menus , colour scheme to choose from thereby giving you cutting edge application outlook .

Base FrameWork Of Ionic Is Angular

Angular as we all developers might have heard is a very popular platform for building both web and mobile applications .  So even if you are not familiar with Angular programming language , after working on this framework it will add on to your skills and with also enhance you to deliver web application to with the help of this framework .

Ionic User Cordova Plugin

What is plugin ? Plugin are piece of code coded in Javascript which facilitates multiple functioning of the application which is bit closer to native language of the platform . Cordova plugin facilitates using of feature such as geo location , accessing camera and battery of mobile phone and so on . Hence in short we can say it gives optimal working app .

Huge Community For Ionic Framework

Programming is a tough task and it becomes harder when you are a fresher in your field . Both Ionic and Angular has a large community of active user which can help you throughout your app developmental process . If you search on social media platforms , you can even be able to find even the founder of Ionic framework is there to help you as their primary aim is to help user to create perfect app .


From this article you must have a variety of reasons to try working on this framework . You must try it once for sure , as it is free . Go give it a try atleast once to explore the hybrid world of apps .

So are you looking for ionic app developers? Winklix has a strong team of ionic app developers that can deliver you an awesome mobile application .

Hybrid Vs Native : Differentiation On The Basis Of Developmental Cost

hybrid vs native app development cost

There are always certain factors which impact the cost of the development of the app and some of the major factors are given below :

No matter whether it is a small company of a big one , cost is always standing factor for mobile app development services . The cost factor also depends on the approached you are choosing from – ie Hybrid one or Native app development ? Decision of mobile app development should always be taken wisely as your decision will either make or break the app .

We are writing this article to guid you with the cost of mobile app development while choosing between native mobile app development with hybrid mobile app development , and which approach suits your business model best .

It is always seen as a misconception that Hybrid app is always less expensive that native mobile app . but as per the studies we can’t estimate the cost of app development at initial stage . But in real world when you are actually going to play with the app , hybrid app gives less than below performance and other major drawback .

Lets breakdown the two development step tougher with factors that can impact the cost of app development .

Native Mobile App Development

Native apps are app developed by developers for their specific platform . For instance if you are considering an iPhone app development , your native mobile app developer with make the same in Objective C or Swift . Likewise if you want android app development , they will develop on Java .

Native app always gives the best ever performance as it is specifically build for that specific platform. But at the same time you are hiring two different resources for one app on different platform and hence the cost will be expensive .

Application made on native app will always have fewer dependencies and bugs as it is build for that specific platform only and not relying on cross platform tool such as Xamarin or Cordova .

Hybrid Mobile App Development

These apps usually consist of everything that a HTML5 can do together with a taste of native mobile app . Hybrid app is non other than a web view of a application made with a combination of HTML5 , CSS and Javascript .

Developing a single app for all the platform might be a quicker process and will obviously save your time and money , but when it comes to performance it will not do . So there is no point of making such apps by which your ultimate user will not get satisfied . The more level of customisation you want the more expensive it will be .

Does Hybrid App Really Cost Less To Your Pockets ?

As per Winklix viewpoint , yes hybrid app will cost less as in a single coding you can get the app for both the platforms , ie android and iOS .

But wait , on the other hands there is biggest disadvantage .when it comes to bug fixation in Hybrid app development . Developers are totally dependent on cross platform tools such as Xamarin or Cordova . If a new feature has been release in the UI kit , you unfortunately have to initially wait for the tool to support it and then you can be relate a version upgrade on both the platform . In additional to it , the process of bug identification is a bit difficult task in case of hybrid app development , which will take more than usual time as it may extend the development timeline.

When It Comes To User Experience ?

When it comes to mobile app usability , it works on the principle of ” First impression is the last impression ” .

The majority of the app users will make decision of using the app in the very first experience with the app . If they don’t find it useful or is affected by its poor performance they are never going to come back on the app after there initial use of app .

Native apps is always ahead when it comes to performance as it gives faster experience and reliability to user . Even a complex app can be performed well with native mobile app development .

The appearance of Hybrid app development varies from user to user depending on the version of the software they are using and the devices on which they are checking the app , and hence the app may not always look same as per user prospectives .

So the conclusion we can say is native app may be a little bit higher solution which will take time and cost you more in long run , but you will be able to provider the end user ultimate personalisation and experience . Native app will help you to reach next level with higher conversion rates and customers loyalty .