Things to consider before choosing an iPhone app development company


The IPhone app development market is growing rapidly with each passing day due to increase in demands of users and presence of iOS app development tools. These mobile apps are going to generate huge revenues in the future. There are around 2 million iOS apps on the app store. This shows the demand of iOS app developers. But before choosing an iPhone app development, it is necessary to look into some factors before making any decision.


With so many apps already available, if you an awesome idea regarding iOS app, you shouldn’t wait in choosing an iPhone app development company. It may happen that if you wait for building an app, then that idea may click in someone else mind. His app will be created first which will result in your financial loss.

Analyse the iPhone app development company

When you give your IOS app project to the development company, they will propose a price for building you app. You have to make sure that they are asking relevant questions regarding you app. If they are not asking relevant questions, then it means that they have not gone through your project. It does not matter how much they offer for your app, if they are not asking valid questions, then it means that this is not a good iPhone app development company for you!

Analyse company’s reviews

Whenever the project gets completed, clients give reviews about the app development company. Do a proper research about the reviews and rating which will give you detailed analysis about the company. While doing research, not only focus on the end product but give proper attention on what the customer have to say about their services and support.

Timeline and cost

Make sure that the app development company builds your app within the given time frame. Ensure that in completing the project within the deadline, the quality of the app is not decreased. The company should be building your project at a decent cost. The iPhone app development company must complete all the requirements in the desired time frame at the lower cost.

Supports all platforms

Another big thing is that your selected iPhone development company works on all the platforms. In today’s times, mobile apps are generally launched for both platforms that is android and iOS. So make sure that the selected company have enough experience of other platforms as well because if you have to launch you app in other technologies, then they can easily build it for you.


It is very common that the small companies do not have knowledge of every technology. So they may outsource your work like testing and designing to external company. Make sure that the company is trustworthy because you are outsourcing your precious information to third party.

After researching about above points, you should check the portfolio of the company, what projects they have completed and in how much time. Only after considering all these points, an iOS app development company must be chosen.  

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App : WINKLIX

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So planning to build your next big billion app ? Or you have polished billion dollar business and need next generation of consumer experience . Have you ever think of , how much an app really cost to build , and the bifurcation of the prices . All you need to find is good app development company at right price to stand out of the crowd . At the same time , you will need a rock awesome app that transform the way user will interact with your company .


You might have studied that developing an app in India can be closed under $ 10000 ( We don’t advise it ) . Small business can get their app done for under $ 75000 , with skilled team , but an award -winning agency with creative & talented  mind professionals can go upto $ 9,000,000 at higher end with an average of $ 300,000 a rough medium . However the pricing differs from project to project and time frame requires to deliver the project . But the fact is , if you are a startup , and is planning to start a business , you may be finding some cheaper solution . Is isn’t it ?


Large Team With Young And Talented Mind
Some small chunks of shop might be offering you app under $ 50,000 offering limited service than established agency . Increasing your investment means , you are hiring a good app development company who are expertise in Android and iOS app development , just like WINKLIX .  At the same time you are taking the very first step towards success of your app by hard-coding your app project with talented mind . A team with skilled designers and developers with strong business analytics manager can help your app to get succeed in play and app stores .
The team require for successful building of app are :
  • A designer who can create some rock awesome visual design .
  • An account manager who will liaison between client and company and works with team for completion of different task .
  • Experience developers who know a better optimisation of app for requirement of android and iOS user .

The Length Of Development Time 

Can you build an app in a day ? If you can’t provide all your desired requirment  in a single day , how can you even think off of developing such a big B app in a day !! But wait for a sec . There are lots of piggybanks available for building an e-commerce website in the market . But lets assume , any agency giving you a half baked pizza , fulfilling all your specific requirements . It is next to impossible . A established agency or a mid size shop can quote you same price to deliver the project , but the main different is large agency have skilled people who know each and every process of developing an app , and a mid size shop always work on lower common bidder maximising their profit .Winklix development process takes a turnaround of around 12 week in order to properly go through design and development process .
The steps are :
  1. Wire framing and prototyping .
  2. Designing of project -3 weeks
  3. Development sprints – from 6 to 10 weeks .
  4. Launch of MVP
The core features of app
Even a small looking app from front end may involve a large software elements behind the scene . Coping up with the core feature of app can move the cost needle up and down . A good business analyst can look at whether you want features can be included in your app , and other things that can make it more functional .
The Scope Of MVP And Amount Of Seed Funding
A fair value of developing an app range between $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 regardless of level of expertise . Winklix project manager , Miss Dakshata explains steps after delivery of MVP : “Traditionally in case you want to stand up in business line , then you need at least $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 . This can help you in running business for next six months . Another $ 500000 taking you to a million dollar will help you in prototyping your business , and getting a highly polished business and app .
So if you are planning to be next Uber or whatsApp , it is crucial for your business for hiring a good app development agency .


The way to success in to hire a good talented mobile app development company , beta testing the app , taking the reviews and feedback (For more info of successfully launching app read here) for making a skyrocketing app .
That is why Winklix believe in outperformance of agile development process .


So now you have a sense of true costing of mobile app , and beware of agencies who can make your app a sophisticated design and development process ?
If you are ready to build the next big app for your company , our team is waiting for chat . We are hungry for your unique requirement of app , looking forward for you to can hello to us by contacting us .