A Beginner Guide To Angular JS Technology

Angular JS is technology that rules over the internet for it’d easy to use interface . It is go on front end programming tool – which is known to be extension of Java which sets it apart from contemporary tool . It has always been in debate that Angular JS has made web browsers and its extensions more interesting , so lets have a look at some of the tool which has dragged it on top of the internet .

What is Angular JS ?

The very first thing which derive us of quickly using Angular JS is its user interface ‘UI’ which attract most of the users . Another use of this technology is to make application for internet . Earlier when was launched in late 2009 , most website and application are influenced by this technology . Angular JS has built in directives which are applied to incorporate new syntax into browser.

Features :

Although Angular JS seems like any pother framework , but what sets it apart from other is its compressive sets of features . So let’s look at some of the best features that has really made this technology popular :

1) The Angular Community : With over years of its existence and worldwide users , Angular JS has a well developed community which act as a repository which includes tutorials , tips , guides etc . The experience holder within this community has made the framework more worthwhile .

2) Open Source Coding : The open source platform which allows customisation to the extent it is needed leads to better quality of product by the developers . The level of security offered by this technology is another aspect of its open source technology .

3) Documentation : Angular JS offers vide range of documentation with all desirable features that might be needed for a developer to start working on .

4) Two Way Data Binding : This build a relationship between DOM and model that you are using , thus making this technology truly an appealing factor .

5)Templates : It uses a basic traditional HTML technology , thus acting as a buffer between DOM and browser , in such a way that it feeds templates into browser .

What’s New With AngularJS

Being an open source framework , Angular users enjoys constant updates for main as well as for extensions .The latest version of Angular JS , version 5.1 was released in December 2016 along with the updated version 1.6 of angular cli . The bugs which was in earlier version has been rectified in the new version .  The regular freezes and crashed has been minimised .

How Relevant Will AngularJS be For Your Future

Inspite of lot of competition in the market  , there are many alternatives that are in use today for same purposes .

Developers prefer to use Angular JS because of its wide range of infinite possibilities . While Python related tools do threat to AngularJS , but it has the potential to be above all .

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