Overview Of Angular JS


Are you a developer using Angular JS ? Is it Angular 1 or Angular 2 ? Curious of knowing what are the benefits of using Angular and how it can make your development easier ? Let’s look at what is Angular , and what it exactly means for you as a software developer .

What Is Angular ?

Angular was developed late in 2009 , which was earlier being used in basis HTML tag for complex projects . With the use of Angular framework , designer are able to create dynamic content for web application with ease .
One of the largest technical giant Google has used this technology for getting feedback from the user , and that was the time it has gained huge popularity. It has became popular to the stage that currently more than 1.5 million developers are actually using it for developmental purposes . It was the year 2016 , when Angular 2 was being release thereby breaking the limitation of Angular usability till web browser only , and thereby leveraging other libraries for increased versatility .
Now the question that must have raised in your mind must be is Angular 1 has become obsolete technology . The answer to the question is NO . Obviously Angular 2 is always considered as superior technology , but both Angular 1 and Angular 2 is maintained by google and developers have no restriction on using any one of them as their preferred choice .
Google is acting as a daddy and a caretaker of the Angular platform . But since it is open source framework , public also contributes a lot to this library .

Why Use Angular ?

There are plenty of benefits of using Angular . Angular facilitates you with ready to use templates which can be customised according to your needs in your app development process . You can add your own extensions for add on functionality or can choose the extensions which has been made by other public and is easily available , which is exactly the way that you will be doing in your own app development process with any other technology .
The best part is when you are done with the customisation , Angular turns those templates into fully functional Javascript code .
Another benefit being this framework help you identify your errors instantly , and will give you viable feedback to help you fix the problem . Another major benefit being code reusability , and thereby speeding up your developmental process . At the same time it also support with all platform support without even worrying about compatibility issues .
Angular is versatile technology which can be used for developing anything . It can help building awesome native mobile app , dynamic web apps , desktop app for windows and Mac and more . So we can say gone is the time which it is being used just for the collection of data forms , now it can be used for developing almost anything.
So Angular is fast , reliable and facilitates with code reusability . It also helps developer to develop almost everything . If you are involved in app development , it is probably the best option to choose from .
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A Beginner Guide To Angular JS Technology

Angular JS is technology that rules over the internet for it’d easy to use interface . It is go on front end programming tool – which is known to be extension of Java which sets it apart from contemporary tool . It has always been in debate that Angular JS has made web browsers and its extensions more interesting , so lets have a look at some of the tool which has dragged it on top of the internet .

What is Angular JS ?

The very first thing which derive us of quickly using Angular JS is its user interface ‘UI’ which attract most of the users . Another use of this technology is to make application for internet . Earlier when was launched in late 2009 , most website and application are influenced by this technology . Angular JS has built in directives which are applied to incorporate new syntax into browser.

Features :

Although Angular JS seems like any pother framework , but what sets it apart from other is its compressive sets of features . So let’s look at some of the best features that has really made this technology popular :

1) The Angular Community : With over years of its existence and worldwide users , Angular JS has a well developed community which act as a repository which includes tutorials , tips , guides etc . The experience holder within this community has made the framework more worthwhile .

2) Open Source Coding : The open source platform which allows customisation to the extent it is needed leads to better quality of product by the developers . The level of security offered by this technology is another aspect of its open source technology .

3) Documentation : Angular JS offers vide range of documentation with all desirable features that might be needed for a developer to start working on .

4) Two Way Data Binding : This build a relationship between DOM and model that you are using , thus making this technology truly an appealing factor .

5)Templates : It uses a basic traditional HTML technology , thus acting as a buffer between DOM and browser , in such a way that it feeds templates into browser .

What’s New With AngularJS

Being an open source framework , Angular users enjoys constant updates for main as well as for extensions .The latest version of Angular JS , version 5.1 was released in December 2016 along with the updated version 1.6 of angular cli . The bugs which was in earlier version has been rectified in the new version .  The regular freezes and crashed has been minimised .

How Relevant Will AngularJS be For Your Future

Inspite of lot of competition in the market  , there are many alternatives that are in use today for same purposes .

Developers prefer to use Angular JS because of its wide range of infinite possibilities . While Python related tools do threat to AngularJS , but it has the potential to be above all .

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