What sets SAP apart from other ERPs?

What sets SAP apart from other ERPs?

The demand for Enterprise Resource Planning is at an all-time high. The technology and enterprise mobility solutions used in the business operation are ERP-oriented. Everything regarding the company’s products, product manufacturing, its sales all come under ERP. These features of a business requires regularity of performance so as to gain good traction in the market. The company‚Äôs quality and efficacy increase with the ERP solutions. Through an evolving business, there are several facets and people can witness transformation in their functionality. It helps workers take away good financial packages as wages. With the merger of software, the clients benefit immensely and the customers obtain a good user interface. Despite having several Enterprise Resource Planning software, there is nothing like SAP software as in terms of integration and simplification it has no match. In this article, we are trying to explain what makes SAP different and ideal from other ERP software solutions.

What makes SAP stand apart from the other ERPs?

1. A world-class solution

There happen to be several software corporations for SAP offering SAP software solutions worldwide to improve customer relations and business procedures. The SAP software solutions have got approval of over 50 per cent of the countries around the world. This ERP solution provider is gaining currency in other countries also.

2. Size does not matter

This is a versatile software as it can be used across different business verticals notwithstanding the company size. The straight implementation procedure aids in resolving everything in one go. The integration of SAP with PayPal and Google facilitates provision of a lot of cloud solutions. The changes happen easily. Through SAP, small startups can also earn a lot of revenue. The SAP also assists the big companies to acquire a high level of competency in the market. The variety of features is hard to find in other ERP systems.

3. Ideal for all business types

Dissimilar to ERP systems, SAP software solutions pair with any kind of business. The companies usually err by opting for ERP systems without getting a good understanding of the same. With SAP software solutions, customized solutions are a given. SAP integration features effect changes in all the segments simultaneously.

4. Need only a little bit of customizations:

The execution time involved while introducing the enterprise mobility solutions is quite lesser than other ERP systems. The functionalities of SAP happens to be sophisticated and advanced bringing down the amount of customizations. The customizations are compatible with several types of businesses. But, in comparison to other ERP systems, the SAP software solutions are a bit expensive and this might be a rare disadvantage with regard to SAP.

5. Quicker Paybacks and Implementation:

The reimbursement offered via SAP is lightning fast. Despite SAP being costlier than Oracle its quick fiscal reimbursement can be extremely beneficial for the business organizations. The businesses’ success rate hinges on the execution time of the SAP software solutions. As SAP offers the real-time execution of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, it undoubtedly emerges a perfect fit for the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

6. Best Industry Practices:

Prior to executing the SAP software solutions the best industry practices and studies are made. Thus, your organization stays on the top by remaining at par with the competing organizations. The knowledge of case studies and best practices aids in cutting down time, risk and cost. With increased utilization of resources the cost can be brought down. The AI Software Development assists in cutting down the confusion regarding the final results.

7. A defined Roadmap:

After SAP software solutions implementation a roadmap becomes apparent. There will be a division of roadmap on the basis of stages. These are preparation stage, planning stage, understanding stage, terminating preparation stage and the last one is the support stage. An implementation assistant supports the execution. The SAP ERP execution turns convenient with the aid of the implementation assistant.

8. High expandability

The scalability aspect goes up considerably with the SAP software solutions. The business triumph via the platform of altered software solutions is motivated with improved scalability. It is a crucial aspect in establishing a business. With the growth of business, SAP software solutions’ potency also goes up. The customary alterations in business happens both internally as well as externally and the same required such evolved solutions. Enterprise Mobility Solutions do not stay static.

9. Easy to learn

A brief ERP system cuts down the time taken to acquire knowledge in the same. The workforce must be able to easily utilize the enterprise mobility solutions for the proper functioning of the organization. SAP ERP solutions happen to be unencumbered and they are in sync with the business needs. Whereas, the Oracle has a lot of functionalities and that makes the learning part tough for the employees. Along with the ecosystem benefits, the SAP ERP offers recognition of evolving needs of businesses. The client organizations can reap a lot of advantages from the SAP ERP if they work together with their allies. This offers a in depth discussion with regard to SAP ERP and those working for a common project can arrive at a standard solution.


The options are plenty in ERP software starting from Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft to SAP. However, after going through the write up it has become evident that SAP software solutions have a distinct edge over other ERP software solutions. Business functions from financing, human resources to other operations mix perfectly well with one another and every process becomes convenient. The SAP offers the new ERP versions regularly so as to catch up with the ever-growing industries. With the SAP consulting services you can get assistance regarding various SAP domains such as basics, functional, sales or development. After going through the above points, it is apparent that SAP ERP can be beneficial in establishing businesses.

How Winklix Enables Delivering Results With Fully Remote Team

How Winklix Enables Delivering Results With Fully Remote Team

With recent outbreak of Coronavirus worldwide , almost all companies have moved towards remote workforce . If you or your team is among one who is not familiar with remote collaboration , then this  might be the difficult time for you . Winklix has already well experienced with remote work force as we are six year old agency , and at every stage of work of being professional , we found effective remote work function gives best result with proactive and thoughtful planning .

We want to share the ways we can define our success journey with our clients – particularity at the time of social distancing with the help of different tools which only focuses on clear result in paramount . Below given are some of the steps which Winklix take to provide you with great experience and successful outcomes for ourself and our clients .

Project Initiation 

Setup is key to successfully carry on the work and organisation is gold . Every project is successful if you follow who , what and how approach . At initial stage , we closely take our client requirement in order to start their project . These requirement includes planning of key project events , creation of project schedule , project tools definition , collaboration plan creation that takes everyone on same phase . We use tools for conversation which we are already in use or even use tools that our client teams are confirmable with .
All the above given activities have been made possible by using tools for web meeting , polling softwares , group / individual chat applications . We are familiar with Zoom for video conferencing and Slack for real time communication with our internal team and clients . For further team work we use Google Drive , Microsoft 365 and Confluences .


The Winklix project manager works closely with client team lead which facilitates updates regarding planning activities from time to time .

Project Discovery 

During project discovery phase , our team and our clients team come closer to discuss existing functionality as well as brainstorming on what’s else new can be implemented . We firstly focuses on pain points of our clients and then our business development manager come up with innovative plan to steer entire project with right framework and solutions needed to build perfect solution .


Winklix in house team compromise of SMEs , designers , programmers , testers , managers , team leaders and more in discovery phase . Whereas on client side , in general product owners , business leads , products experts and technical team is present to discuss unique needs .

Remote Discover Success Tips

In order to get best result of discovery phase onsite meeting is always preferable with clients and clients personnel , however their might be a situation that not all clients may get present onsite and in that case remote discovery phase is what all is required . We have years of experience in conducting remote discovery with team of many sizes .
Here is Winklix’s key to make you successful in remote discovery phase : 

  • Quick Meeting : Conduct a quick video meeting with Winklix and clients team wherein the aim will be to introduce everyone , make them understand what all the project is about , how will each person will get involved individually and collectively and future planned activities .
  • Pre-reads / pre-work : Both teams are equally responsible to provide the necessary documentation in relation to project to be read in advance that helps in gaining insights about discovery phase .
  • Agendas : Always try to crystal clear the agenda in advance so that every participants can prepare themselves in advance for discovery phase . Always try to consider different time zones and remember that we are humans , and it is quite obvious to have breakthrough of mistakes .
  • Duration : This said , if you have a meeting which last longer than 90 minutes  , try to break them into sessions of smaller minutes . Try to also give clear break during meeting and finding engaging ways for persons who are present in meeting .
  • Audience : Although their may be times you may require many people to be part of audience in order to gain interaction and participants for given agenda , however you can on the basis of priority can invoice the audience .
  • Material & Preparation : As all team members might not be present all the time in future , always try to provide them with relevant material , flow , software requirement sheet and more during meeting only .
  • Technology : Winklix after listening to client requirement , tries to make familiar the client with the technology we are going to use which best suits their requirement .

Project Build 

Project building phase requires both client and Winklix team to work closely , all together . We try to facilitate all our works remotely by using different tools and with our active client participation , as after all we are making the products as per their demand .
At Winklix , we dynamically change ourself as per client requirement . We use to collect feedback and adjust between sprints . Some of the major benefits of getting into virtual environment is we saves travel time , can experience face to face meeting and can start direct conversation using Slack , setting reminders in calendar and more . By this way people closely focuses on their work , rather than wasting time on other non sense things .


Validation is the time wherein we validate with our clients for the solution that is made by us for them  in relation to awesome user experience and satisfying business needs . In order to complete this phase , we make use of different tools like Jira , SalesForce DX and Circle CI to carry on our testing , revision and easily push adjustments from time to time .


As training is equally important as delivering the software solution to our clients , we help to strive companies empower end users with platform knowledge that can set team for success . We create various training material why is easily accessible like Trailheads , videos , knowledge article in Salesforce and more so that it can be used by present staff as well as remote staff who was present during training session .

Project Launch 

A project is said to be really launched , when our clients begin real use fo software and started gaining value from it . For almost all of our project , we use to launch it remotely . This helps our clients to enjoy the benefit of fully remote enablement . And then at last we work with our client to create a launch plan which includes final testing , acceptance and user enablement .

Support After go-live 

If you are adopting to anything new , you will always have sets of questions in your mind . Thereby it is important for us to answer every question that may arise after launch of software to enable our clients to effetely evolved with software along with their team . At Winklix , our project development is not one time thing , rather we treat it as ongoing relationship that can take on various forms and we always try to support our clients at every point of time during their journey .

End To End Support Irrespective Of Geological Boundaries

Although we only have presence on some countries of the world , we provide support services on global scale irrespective of different time zones . We have experience on Salesforce Technology , SAP Technology , Microsoft Dynamic 365 and remote delivery .

So in case you are in need of support services or want to fully switch to remote operations due to COVID-19 or want assistance in maintaining your Salesforce org at distance , contact us 

Does Coronavirus Forced You To Work Remotely For Very First Time ? Here Is Our Guide On How To Do It Effectively

Does Coronavirus Forced You To Work Remotely For Very First Time ? Here Is Our Guide On How To Do It Effectively

In this era of technology , many of us love being working remotely . But it necessarily does not means everyone in the company thinks in similar way . Some person might find it difficult to work from home . In your experience it may be frowned upon , disapproved or only be done one special circumstances , under forced rules . But now new to recent outbreak of Coronavirus worldwide , and we have been advised to maintain social distancing , which can asked employees of companies to mandate work from home policies for business on worldwide level , it’s time to get comfortable with practice . 

Remote workers can be rewarding situation for many companies . It has been found is study that working from home for employees increase overall productivity and mental satisfaction among employees . On the other hand it also have positive effects for employers like reducing spends , eliminating rent on physical space and so on . If there is pros , then will surely be cons as well . Some employee might feel isolated or gets distracted because of many reasons ( children’s playing , dirty dishes , changed social contacts etc ) .

How To Make A Switch To A Remove Worker 

Here is our guide on how to make work from home effective – specially when you are experiencing it for the first time and you have to make strong connection between clients , prospects and partners .

The basis : your home office setup 

The very first step that you can take is finding  isolated place at your home . If you are living in studio apartment with only one bedroom , the best place to work is on kitchen table with laptop table placement . If you have big house with two or more bedrooms , make one room dedicated towards working which should be noise free , distraction free and entry to that room will be restricted during working hours , which can often be denoted by sign board outside house .
We know this is not the permanent solution , but perhaps the preparation can go long way for temporary remote workers . 

Provide Training For Chosen Video Conferencing And Messaging Tools 

At Winklix , we use Slack for instant messing and Zoom for video conferencing with our team . As our workforce has been spread world-wide and majority of them work from home ( more than 60 % of us work from home ) , and that is the reason our team members are already familiar with this tool . Work from home is part of our dedicated IT team for providing ongoing support .
Irrespective of what you are already using or whatever your IT heads have decided t use immediately looking at the current scenario , it is mandatory to train your workforce in order to get maximum output . The training is achievable by providing live demo with representative tools with your entire team using preferred method ( eg , email , Salesforce Chatter , Slack announcement channel ) . 

Stick To Regular Check-ins And Virtual Forms Of Team Building 

If you have a tools to regularly check the work of employee then its great for remote work . It is suggestible to always have one hour video meeting with your team to check then they are on same page and it also keeps connectivity at forefront . 

Winklix use services of HiveDesk which helps employee to log in into app , and at the same time helps manager to track and see the screen shorts of work being carrying on by employee . It also facilitates task assignments , real time chats with employee and more . This also forced employee to timely check in and check out in the app during working hours in order to get them working time tracking along with work done by them .

Tools like slack and Trello makes it easy to collaborate with team and manage team worldwide .

How To Maintain Connections With Clients, Prospects And Partners 

Learning to work from home is one thing , but at the same time you should also take care of maintaining a healthier relationship with clients , prospects and partners which together called as health for your business . At a leading digital agency , Winklix has over decade of experience with digital first and remote relationship building .

Events Cancelled ? Move To Digital Value Exchanges 

We are already been experiencing live streaming for years , and now its no new bee for us . We all due to Coronavirus outbreak worldwide , are avoiding large conference , project kickoffs and even two or more in-person meeting , it does not necessarily means you have to make halt for meeting .


When you have to maintain social distancing  , you can provide webinars that is not only capable of attracting captive audience , but can also be used on social media and other platforms once they are recorded for future purposes 

Survey And Reports 

In order to reach client directly and giving them satisfying experience , you should send periodic surveys to clients about your industry , best practices and innovation in your space . 
So once the survey reports is collected it will help you and your clients as well in providing of long lasting impact on costly event. 

How To Get SAP / Software / SalesForce Support While You Are Fully On Remote  

We at Winklix with clients worldwide already have experience operating as remote team to satisfy the needs of client in relation to SAP / Customs software Salesforce needs . Learn more about our services from Winklix by reaching us out right away .