Powerful Tips of Project Management for Success in New Industry

Powerful Tips of Project Management for Success in New Industry

Nowadays, I am working in Wniklix. Prior to joining Winklix, I had gained some years of experience working as a senior project manager at an app development company where I worked on project management for 20 projects for various clients. Moreover, my first job was started by working at a digital advertising agency, where I attempted to combine experiential campaigns with online marketing strategies to produce award-winning results.

During my first year in project management at Winklicks, I was assigned a project that was one of the most challenging and enjoyable opportunities of my career to date. Little did I know that it might take me about two years to complete it. I wanted to be in an industry that I knew nothing about. The client presented what we thought was a simple brief. He wanted to build a share trading platform. We knew that before the project started, we might have to face some challenges. Which is as follows:

  • First experience to create a fenched app
  • Product estimation in stock trading space in the market
  • To be a big project compared to that time. As we usually took to Winklicks and at that time we were widespread compared to the MVP type app proposed.

None of which did not stop us. In fact, I realized that those challenges contributed to our success and ultimately pushed us towards a collective spirit. We can do this, and we can take it out of the park.

Improve Project Awareness & Find the Right Third-Party Vendors

We first jumped into the head. Fortunately we were working with a very sensible customer who was ready to educate us on the industry and understood how scope and a startup product should be made. From the beginning, we knew that we could not make this product from scratch. While working with our client and team, we reviewed several third-party API vendors, which we knew that we had already made applications with functionality that we wanted to include in ourselves. We came to know that we have to use many different software solutions to create our desired product. During this project it was the biggest learning. We worked with six separate API partners to integrate into a backend solution in our iOS app.

The thing we had ended up with was essentially our own stock trading platform, which we could update and could trust our Frontend app without fixing the bug. But it was not always seamless sailing. There are always many problems while working with third-party products. Whenever they are updated or require fixes, you will not always have control. Not to mention, that many times they become unsupported for long periods, which can cause more issues during development. Apart from this, when many vendors are involved, in many time areas, getting documentation from communication and third parties can be very painful.

We imposed a new trick and initially adopted the project for three months development. Now look back and what we learned from this project was very optimistic. But also see that we can not help but be proud of the technique we have produced.

Issues Encountered During the Product Development Process

The technology was not only one obstacle which we had to remove. Compliance was another area which was new to our team while making the product. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority also needs to consult during the design and development steps. It pressures us to pay attention to two factors:

  • The effect of the timeline on receiving approval
  • Security concerns 

An additional benefit to use third party API software means that security was already taken care of, because we had only used those systems who already had financial compliance approval. However, the concept of product and platform was new to the industry, within our existing guidelines, what our app does and how we are making it, brief information will be required.

From a project management perspective, it means that to keep our development timeline on track, we have to plan a review of the design with fingers as a part of your process. Equipment such as invitation helps our vision to communicate with a committee of stakeholders which are not necessarily literate in technology. It was the slowest part of the entire process, because Finnah compliance often takes a long time for review. Presentations will often be returned with questions and a follow-up note, which requires updates on the necessary facilities and documentation to provide us, which make an interactive process that they realized that it was never really completed.

Working a team together in Project Management

Working in winklicks, I learned a lot about keeping the teams on the same page. By ensuring that our team’s developers and designers were updated with customer requests, our third party vendors keep updated on our development work, to schedule meetings with customers on a weekly basis. Every step is as important as the next. A project management role is about ensuring that trains run on time. If we do not have complete transparency with your customer from the beginning then it will not be achieved. Remembering that as an app development team, we had our expertise and others were important to fulfill this project and create an accessible app.

My advice to young project management professionals should be more time to prepare a roadmap for the project before development. The fine information of the project and be familiar with the parties involved in it, especially the background of the client and third party vendor working with you. Do your research and if the problem comes, you can contact us. Remember that you do not need to be an expert in every field, unless you are ready to work to create the best app.

The way to be a techie at Winklix : Internal culture of the Organization

The way to be a techie at Winklix : Internal culture of the organization

Dear Winklix Candidate,

We understand your reluctance regarding submitting your resume and how tough it is to find a job in India, especially Noida. However, our advice is that please submit your CV and try your luck. The whole procedure takes roughly 4-6 weeks, the details are specified underneath. These are certain things to consider before applying.


We devote some time towards processing applications

Time is really precious, so, kindly be sure about your caliber before applying with us.

For example, Fueled happens to be a Python Django shop. In case, you are a backend dev with specialization in Ruby on Rails, you will not make the cut. Ensure that the skills mentioned in the company’s job description match with the ones in your resume. At times proficiency in one area can make up for deficiency in another. In case you believe that this job is for you, then showcase your creativity and critical-thinking chops.

This exploration works both ways, and it starts here

It is advisable to do homework prior to applying at Winklix. Our organization has exceptional talents churning out incredible products. We were one of the first mobile app development shops as we had immense faith in the magic of mobile design. We don’t work without falling in love with what we undertake. Go through our write ups on the website. If you are still interested in us then continue with us.

Love to hear from you, but please be short

We look for a leader in each of our hires, from entry level to directors. He or she must be able to narrate a good tale. Does your resume highlight your strength, charisma, confidence etc etc. We suggest a “page turner,” as we want your incredible story on one page. Do you have it in you to floor us with your story? Then we would be interested in you.

Your can be the right fit provided…..

We hate cliché, be it anything. We don’t want candidates to parrot the standard lines, which they might have at other places. One aspect we cannot compromise is ownership of whatever they take up and we expect the same from all team members.

The interview is a two-way affair

In your initial contact you will come across a screener with one of our People Operations team. The objective is to reveal the history of our company and gauge your interest.Our intention at this stage is only to get the right candidate for the company. We don’t want sad faces here.

Our culture is receptive

We are on the lookout of a “culture enhancement.” You need to be yourself over here and that is about it. No need to try hard to fit into our company as that can be a negative aspect. We are concerned only with your attitude towards work and creative bent of mind. A Google Hangout with certain team members, and a rendezvous with your future supervisor are mere formalities to judge your problem-solving abilities and general affability. We are looking for people who can gel with our team members.

Your current status

This is the last stage of the recruitment process which will happen with your future supervisor. At every stage in the process, we will let you know your status as we don’t like to keep people in the dark. The intention of the recruitment procedure is to spot talented gems and get the person on board. Period.

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