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Our professional team consist of world class developers and designer’s , who create stunning iPhone apps . It’s your work to hire us as iPhone app developer , and leave rest to us . We will make sure how to pixel the things in right place , creating neat and clean design . After always delivering the app to our clients , we love to hear thankyou for delivering the app that was beyond their expectation , and then our pizza party starts . This is the reason we know to be best-in-class for iPhone app design.

Winklix.com is iPhone app design and development company specialised in building mobile application from scratch . For us ‘ No idea is too big or too small for us to tackle ‘ . Our first and foremost priority is user experience . Our speciality is to do something for the user experience and your app , rather than just selling the app to you , in such a way that app becomes essential part of the user’s life .
There is nothing that we can’t do between our offices have spread their branches in Delhi , Noida , Mumbai , London , New York  and beyond .We focus on creating more beautiful and practical app
by consulting with team of specialist . 


iPhone app designing is all about visual design of app in a artistic way that we are perfect with  . If the design is not upto the mark , there is no need of wasting your precious time and money on it . If you really don’t have any idea about how the design of your would be app looks like , we will create the blueprints and app design from scratch to solve the problem .
Our project manager takes client’s need first whether it is a simple colour scheme or a complex one . Our professional never works alone , they believe in team working to get more cheesy ideas about app development  . Our each process goes on with interaction with team , clients and stakeholders for welcoming ongoing feedback  , thus making the best app project .
Although we are multi platform app development company , we have taken our very first step in iPhone app development  . We have gained a recognised name in field of iPhone app  development company knowing that design can either make the app or break it. 
The share of iPhone app is very small portion , but revenue generated from it equivalent to combined share of android ,windows and blackberry market .

The Cost Of An iPhone App Development

Developing an iPhone application is one of the major source of biggest income for Winklix in recent years , but we always focus on giving a bug free successful app , rather than just selling the app to our customers . We cope up with all the guidelines and strict laws of IO’s market , to give our client a hassle free application . 
Custom mobile application development services is growing industry , so why not to work with best app development company in Delhi and Mumbai .  We have decided to focus on app technology , when large part of market people are focusing on web only . And that’s the reason today we are leader in app development .

iPhone App Design For Companies

The App Store is most advance platform for entrepreneur and enterprises . Creating an iPhone app giving you the opportunity for targeting the good audience , you only have to give them a highly polished application . This will also lead to brand awareness of your company and taking it to the next level in this rapidly changing world. And that is the reason you want the best team like Winklix .
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World’s Class Android App Development | WINKLIX

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The WINKLIX app development team has achieved a good rank in android app development , as we are master in art of developing android app . With our endless and creative development process , our young team is able to deliver you the rock awesome mobile application , that offers a unique user experience time after time .


Winklix is a team of young minded people whose hands are constantly itching to create something awesome and unique , by providing superior app building services . Our first and primary focus is people satisfaction as soon as they download the app . With Winklix offices expanding over to Delhi to Noida to Mumbai to New york and London , we always hire a professional team of innovators who have vast knowledge of all the mobile things . Our head office are located in Delhi , the heart of India.

At Winklix , we just don’t take interest in  projects that we are not passionate about , as it is useless of developing an old app idea application . We are keen on taking projects with makes our idea flourish through creativity , innovativeness and user friendly design . Through latest innovative technology implementation , design loveable by user and bug free functionality has step us into leader in mobile app design industry .

Why We Develop Android App ?

Today with over 1.2 million app has been flooded in Android App market popularly know as google play store , we know how to harness your app to give it a perfect look and stand unique in crowd of store to give it a success .

Winklix has a years of experience  in google play marketplace , to polish your app in such a way that it not only shines in app market , but achieve transformation of ideas of your app into reality in such a way that user love to have that app in their phone . Android and iPhone is the leader in market with big B brands , that’s why our team have command on both the platforms .

How We Develop Android App ?

Our team is greedy for developing an Android ad iPhone app , with well rounded and throughout process . The key to success in app industry is making a simple user friendly app with simple design .

Our developmental process involves 4 steps :


Every nice product wants a trademark, and this can be wherever stigmatization comes in. once operating with our purchasers to know key attributes of user interaction, product practicality, and desired client expertise, our team identifies the distinctive parts of your whole, which might be translated into a large vary of collateral and brand styles.


As with iPhone app design , easeability and efficiency are key to success and open the lock in app market , thus transforming the app into user friendly one . As soon as you hand over the project to us , our team provide you blueprint of the app .


We have to play with user interface after completing blueprints and wireframes of the application . We believe is custom tailored design to harness your app , highlighting the key aspects of your blueprint .


Usually for an app development company , at this stage they launch the app , but in Winklix we try to add some spices into the food to make it more yummy . We do some special animations and touches at this stage .

Our app development process spread their branches on the concept of ‘ agile agency ‘ . We build apps in quick 2 weeks time frame in which we only focuses on your app building with 100% focus and attention on your app . We do biweekly checking of the app to insure bug free delivery of the application , and at the same time helping client to review and feedback about our app .Winklix job is to take your car and start running it with rock awesome design and strategy . At Winklix , we create fine blueprints and design strategy , to keep you step ahead from your competitors  .

Our team focuses on making app that user loves coming back and using the application . We try to make the app which are always remembered by app users , as we take every new project as a new challenge . Right form a la carte to full site development , our team creates polished app , helping turn your dream app into reality .

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Best FrameWork For Building An Mobile App For Different Platforms

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In case you want a win win cross platform mobile web application , cooking it from mobile app framework is preferable .What previously is considered as web app  is now native app available on google play , amazon app store and apple Appstore .

Mobile application framework is software framework that allows mobile web application to transform app for another platform .Obviously deploying an app is much difficult task , but app frameworks for cross platform (Hybrid App) like Apache Cordova or AppFurnace  seems to be flexible route for app development .

In the world of so many App stores , in so so little time , the cross platform frameworks can allow your app to give wider reach for app users across all platforms . App development seems no longer to just make the best app , but at the same time must be available to wider audience .

As long as we know , approx 70 small and big app markets are available in market worldwide , you can easily grab all of them with just developing an app with framework for all platforms just at once .

So the very next question arises which one is best for which platform ?Here is guide to help figure you out :


PhoneGap  is a multi platform initiative for development of app . The Adobe brand  owned framework is renowned for its flexibility and stabilised version . It is familiar with HTML , CSS and Javascript , thus making easily accessible for  app development , and making easy for developer to develop app with the language in which they are already familiar to .

PhoneGap also includes numerous of plugins , thus making it an attractive option for developers to create an app with multiple integration .

Best for : Web developers having knowledge of HTML , CSS and Javascript .

Titanium AppCelerator

Used by Paypal and ZipCar , Titanium Appcelerator is another widely used framework for programmers who are good in Java programming . The open source framework decodes app in such a way that , that is stands in same real native application . This frameworks suits for Javascript programmer as this framework is totally based on that language only .
Best for : Javascript Programmer

CodeName One

Codenameone   is just another framework making it easier for developer to create just another app . For a new comers in this industry , any java developer can easily frame app for all platforms . One of the advantage of codename one is it also has marker tool which also allow a non developer and novices to create their own app without having any coding language .

As the framework is java based , it can be used by java specialised person only . Say , an Android App Developer seeking entry into apple app store  , could use it to transform app into iOS -ready one .

Bes for : Java and Android Developers


Tigger.io is simplest way to build large app with awesome experience and UI . The framework uses real native UI and utilises vast selection of API’s to work with you . This means instead of fetching API’s to work with our app ( seriously time consuming job ) , some of the work is already done for you in this framework . It has faster flow works  because mobile/web code can be reused in coding of an native app .
Each developing of codes in this framework comes with ‘reload’ features , which means user with installing of update can use the new version of the app . This framework is usually suited for trams with larger budgets .
Best for  :  Large budget and fast build .


Apportable’s framework develops your app to be iOS ready , and in case you want to join hands in android version also , you can use objective -c language for the same . It is the quickest way to develop app for the two biggest platform worldwide  .  This framework can be a good choice for game developers for serving their app on play store .
Best for : iOS developers , iOS game developers
Through mobile app frameworks is ‘ one-code-fits-all ‘ each framework has their own set of languages and advantages . Due to rapid shift of world to mobile app development , we can say ‘ Mobile Is Future ‘  . The future is using digital things , thus spreading your app to every possible platform to reach wider number of customers.