How App Can Be Launched In Right Way

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If you are planning to earn money from app , you have to launch it in right way and also must choose the right app development company for that .

It really does not matter how sharp minded you are , or how skilled your programmer is , or how cheesy the marketing team , there is always something that can struck you up and can hang your app launching  . Launching the app does not start with submitting application on play or app store , or marketing it before the day it gets released .

So now lets start begin discussion you ever need to know how app can be successfully launched , from wind up to follow through .

Brainstorming , Research & Development

During the initial brainstorming for app development , me curative of ho your app is going to look hit the market. Do try to keep an eye on competitor , and how your target audience look like .Also think of a question that must arise in your mind , that what you should do to stand out of the crowd ? Why will people prefer to download your app , instead of your competitor app ? If these answers are not clear , then forget about successful app . So before investing money in app and wasting time for building the same , make sure it’s worth investing in . Get a bulletproof business plan to stand ahead in the crowd .

Even if you are very first in launching the app , always remember that copycats will very soon steal your ideas .A good idea is always meant to be stolen .So try to make your app as unique as possible .

Test Test Test

Testing your app through app building tool , is not at all going to provide you with realistic testing environment  . So never trust an app building tool for testing the same . Every mobile device has their own screen size and configuration  , so testing on as many devices as you can , subject to availability can be proven beneficial , before fully launching the app . The best way to do is , you can get some trending mobile tablets and phones to test your app  .
Nothing can be worse than discovering the app crashing and not working properly on the very first day of app launching .Launches should be time of celebrating rather than debugging the app .

Develop Marketing Strategies And Tactics

Figuring out a good marketing strategies before you launch launching an app , can be proven beneficial for your app launching . For instance , you create lots of rumours and suspense before launching your app , promotion it all where , in such a way that people get excited for your upcoming app  , will add value for your app , and can increase your sales right from day 1 . There are plenty of ways to do the promotion of your app , some are free , some are cheap and some are really expensive to . It really does not matter how much your budget is , but you have to market the app with market smart mind . Just always keep in mind , identify your target market and just cater to them .

Begin The Application Process

Beginning the application process means you must have done with marketing , and app is going to be ready in short wile , for approvals in their respective stores .


Ready your press release , give appropriate support as and when required , make sure your marketing gleams is active and yuppiiieeee its time to sell . Launch day should involve steps like- monitoring performance , resolving of bugs and problem quickly as and when required , and keep on trying things until things cool down . Always try to launch a bug free app , or we can say app which has a minor bugs , rather than having a app flooded with bug . If you are having lots of bugs and problem , i am afraid , all your investment and time with be for naught .

Accessibility Becoming More Crucial In Mobile App Development

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Does your app fulfils all needs as desired by you ? Might be !! But on the other door , it might not be perfect for everyone . Ease of usability and accessibility should be consider one of the most important factor to consider when developing new android and iOS app  , and especially the new one .

Everyone’s ultimate aim to maximise the profit from app , and it can be possible only when user find your app easy to use and maximise profit , thus making app easy to use with person of different abilities .


Approximately 57 millions americas are living with disability today .That particularly means that pretty sizeable amount of user , might have difficulty using your app , so they must be consider while building the app .
At Apple developers worldwide content , apple has a strong push for  third party developers to support dynamic text if they are not doing the same . Now it all depends on you , whether you want to be a company who will follow legal compliant , or a company who is progressive and inclusive !!


Set of scenario to be followed while developing an app or website are  :
  • User may find difficulty in reading text.
  • User may not be able to use keyboard and mouse.
  • User may have slow internet connection
  • User may have a small screen size .
  • User may find difficulty in reading the language .
  • User may have outdated version of OS .
All these factors need to be considered , while developing an app or website , and at the same time balancing of your role as designer and developer should be balanced . Think of slow internet connection hampering your app data fetch and showing a blank thing on your app . Now image the poorly designed colour scheme , which can affect your user experience . Although no laws really exist to make an app fully compatible for everyone , but all these factor need to be consider for successfully running the app .



A person with disability might not be able to see videos , gif’s and photos . Person who relies on text-to-speech voice technology might be able to get full experience of app’s content .


Videos and audios should have sufficient description text , in order to give each user equal access to content .


Content should be arranged in such a way that it can be easily used , whether it is readable horizontal or vertical .


Search bar to easily search on app for text or something else must be present on app .At the same time social sharing button definately add glimpse in it .
For more in-depth checklist you can visit web content accessibility guidelines.
Fulfilling of all the requirement about is not necessary , do what seems to be in best interest of you .Every user can benefit from apps that abide by the accessibility guidelines .In long terms , your app will succeed , if it has wider user potentials. You always must have the potential to go ahead of the pack .

Top Challenges During App Development

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As a project manager in Winklix , i always try to balance between constant change the the realistic expectation in the app by clients . We often here , there is nothing much in the app , it is really simple to build , but client is still figuring out the wireframe of it , since we are agile , that could all change .
I know it feels like weird , hearing those lines dozen of times , but the beautiful way of doing the agile work is to constantly change the work to cope up with the client requirement . This also help us in becoming active rather than reactive . And a plus point for me : no more change request after that please..!!
Winklix has ruled out rick management strategies in order to better handle the project risk , even before climbing up the development stairs . We can say that during developmental process , we always get confused between the realistic thing the imaginary one , making it right at some place and wrong at other .
To plan our project in successful wrap , we must think on multi options availability . Say what if client’s back end resources fails to deliver API web services as agreed , will we be able to deliver the project in X weeks ? We must always have a plan B ready in case of worst situation , in order to successfully wrap the project. Always remember ” We always have the options “.
Listed below are some of the biggest challenges while developing the mobile app , and some reliable solutions  : 

A First Time Tech Entrepreneur 

It can be great if you are have great and fresh mindset for developing app . At that point , you must be having higher expectation from your would be app project . If you have been through your would be dream project for a month ,  it might get difficult to accept concepts to fit’s each and every users mind.
The Solution : Keeping an open mind , and taking opinion from friends and stakeholders help you to be familiar with consumer demands and strategy .The agility of multiple professionals  is the reason you chose an agency like Winklix , but you need to let each party do their things. 

Third Party API Dependence

Time and time again  , I see client dependency on third parties API , which are not ” integration friendly ” . This means there might be less documents , or API may not be friendly enough for easier implementation , thus we have to do R&D , taking it more and more time for project completion .Also last minute changes in project , may create a ripple effect on front end , thus increasing the time frame to work on the changes , thus thereby diverting our mind final developmental and UI furnishing process .
The Solution : Figuring out the buffer between hand off of API service and front end development of those API , will help us in saving time and successful implementation of API’s within stipulated time frame .

No Single Product Owner On Client Side

Getting quick feedback from client side , or by their team members or stakeholders , will definitely add value to the project , and developers team members will also find it useful thus making the easy and ready to use , upto expectation app .There can be nothing more heartbreaking than account manager , seeing a product vision changing again and again by multiple stakeholders due to their un-agreed priorities and decision making .
The Solution : Appoint a single , devoted point of contract with your team and customer and prioritise feedback and requirement from custom on regular scale .

Development Or Design Plan Doe’s Not Include User Testing

Not testing the idea , prototype or regular mockup will surely open doors for successfully developing app .Alternative , “if doors does not open by itself , you have to itself know the doors “.We can find often entrepreneurs shy from releasing or sharing a WIP app , due to concern about idea theft ( “I need a NDA , before sharing it to anyone ” hahahaha ) . At Winklix , we can be guilty of this “value blindness ” as well . We believe in beta testing of app , before releasing the app , with can add wings to your app .

The Solution : Planning for user testing on every phase of app development process is only way to solve this prob. You will also need to beta release your app to some chunks of people or testers , before launching our app .

Preparing for app development will open your app doors of success

Agile project manager will help you to respond to complication during development process and will also give you regular updated about your project . Instead of mindset of okay scenario , focus on best-case scenario , and with a positive thinking of  ” this is going to be great “.
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