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SalesForce Lightning Expertise

We start the salesforce lightning project with a call and then moving on with tech call backed up by our project manager . Development and deployment stage then follows later on . We deeply understand your requirement and provide you the dedicated resources that best suits your need . Depending on your customised requirement , we make use of VisualForce or Apex .

Salesforce Lightning Implementation

As a salesforce development company , we are please to offer you salesforce lighting development , implementation , integration as well as migration service that best suits your on demand requirement of lightning requirement as well as deployment and implementation of new lightning experience for your enterprise .

Salesforce Lightning Migration

We are industry leader in migrating your company from Salesforce classic UI to a brand new Salesforce lightning experience . At the same time we also make sure that it is compatible with data integrity , and custom building of dashboards , reports and contracts . We even make your 3rd party AppExchange apps compatible with your Salesforce lightning compatible by way of customised solution .

Salesforce Lightning Configuration

We are expertise in customising your salesforce lightning platform based on common pattern that becomes useful for migrating business process to salesforce lighting , which in turn includes Java scripts button , Lightning page layouts , Visualforce overrides and custom button and links .

Salesforce Lightning Integration

Salesforce lighting has in built component framework that facilitates developers to mix and match different components , applications and tools to build bigger application . These big applications output are combination of small applications . The next level integration service facilitate to create chain between multiple systems such as SOAP , REST API and various other third party interfaces that lets development team to meet on demand specialised demand related to automation , drop and drop and other UX design .

Salesforce Lightning Development

Salesforce lightning has potential to do unlimited customisation . This cloud platform is so powerful that it facilitates with automatic upgrades , allows tools for troubleshooting and scale lightning components .

Salesforce Lightning App Development

Lightning platform offers tools and services for development that ease on complex technology and streamline the entire app development cycle . It is due to the presence of lighting app builder tool which speed up mobile app development process . AppExchange's large ecosystem of developing apps facilitates developers with delivering custom demanded apps .

Salesforce Lighting Features

SalesForce Lightning Components

In Salesforce lightning components is UI frameworks used mainly for developing of web app for mobile as well as desktop devices . Our developers are well experienced in developing lightning components framework which aids them to build single page application with dynamic and responsive user interface for Lightning platform apps which includes Javascript and Apex functionality .

SalesForce Lightning Experience

Salesforce lightning offers productive and personalised user experience by way of providing optimised solution for Sales Cloud , Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud . The lightning force focuses on providing amazing user experience which boost your sales team deal closure faster with rich interactive visual design . Our developers develop single page applications which works across various devices in order to facilitate your team to use it in the market .

SalesForce Lightning Dashboard & Reports

Lighting also has dashboard component that allows multiple reports on a single page layout . Our Salesforce developer discover dashboard components to explore variety of chart types , tables and gauges to customise data and provide intuitive interfaces .

SalesForce Lightning Connect

Connect facilitates data pull from external sources with your salesforce data . Our salesforce developer are well experienced in pulling of data from your legacy system such as NetSuite or Oracle and provide easy configuration to reduce integration time or sync delays . We also make use of external objects which are available to salesforce tools such as global search , SOSL , Apex , VisualForce and more .

SalesForce Lightning App Builder

Salesforce Lighting app builder is point and click tool which facilitates customisation of SalesForce mobile app and lightning experience , thereby giving user what they need all in single place . Our developers are able to update , configure and customise app navigations as well as custom record pages for objects suitable for the need of the user .

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