How To Avoid Common Mistake In Custom Software Development

custom software development company

Choosing a right custom software development company helps you in achieve your business goals by digitalising your business . A good software development company can help your dream to come into reality by providing the most viable solution .

Given below are some of the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid while hiring a custom software development company :

Considering Price As A Sole Alone Factor

Although the cost is the most important factor while choosing a software development company in New York ,  but it should be taken into consideration with the quality of work they are providing , their team capability and more . So never choose a software development agency solely on the basis of price factor .

For instance you are expecting a high end solution at lower cost is somewhat next to impossible . And this seems to me the main reason when a business expect a high end final product and they are surprised by what has been received .

Cultural Fit

Effective and continuous communication is the only way to deal with any custom software development company . Exchange of ideas will also add on values to your idea and overall developmental process .
Although it is a challenging task due to language barrier , business ethics and numerous other factor which many vary from business to business across globe , but it has to be deal accordingly to get the best software development as required .

Goals , Objective & SRS Not Defined At Initial Stages

This is another major mistake that business do which giving a project to software development company . If you have not defined what you want , then how can you expect  software development company to finish your work at the allotted time .
The best solution to the problem is to define clear objective and goals for the complete software development project in order to get flexible and best customised software that suits your organisation needs .

Poor Contracts

Its important to define every minute of the software before starting the project to avoid any mistakes in near future . Always ask a software development agency to draft a detailed contract including all technical details and modules which will be there in the app , so that they can carry on their developmental work efficiently and you will not face any unexpected cost , extended project completion period and so on .

Not Getting A NDA

Not getting a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) means it will not have any privacy in your project . Its important to sign a NDA before getting into contract or we ca say even before discussing the project to gain the rights of the software to your company .
For instance you have a great idea , have handed over the project to software development company – now what ? They can use that idea in selling to other companies also , and that will unfortunately raise your problem and competitors .

Not Getting Source Code

Have you ever wondered for what you are paying for to any software development company hired ? You are actually paying for the product or service you are buying , so actually you are the owner of the source code ( the code for which you have paid for development ). Without the rights on your code of your product , you can’t avoid risk of stealing of code .
The owning of code means you have the right on the software together with the flexibility of hiring another software development company in case you want in future . Owning a source code together with the documents will add on value to source code .

Tips For Software Development RFP


Request For Proposal (RFP) is record which is at first required by any software engineer that contains the bland arrangement of your concern in business needs by method for software development . Comparative arrangements of records incorporate RFQ( Request for citation) which customer need articulation just and RFI( Request for data ) , generally utilized for scan of seller for software development. We have seen that a considerable lot of the customer battle seeking RFP , and that is the reason we have composed this down to earth prompt and suggestion while making the RFP for software development .

Make MVP Your Priority

Setting the MVP ( Minimum Viable Product) for any software development needs is constantly demonstrated helpful . Each software has certain arrangement of modules which should be monasteries to satisfy the end client needs. For example say in visit application the most pivotal part is talk trade usefulness while custom foundation and other usefulness is considered on the lower end . So organizing the rundown of highlights is best RFP rehearse that expansion the precision of assessment .

Try not to Ask To Make Amazon But Do Provide References

We hear a large number of our potential purchaser that they need software entryway like duplicate of Amazon . While this is the most well-known way somebody depict the software application wanted by them , yet this frequently brings about misconception of arrangements usefulness at proposition making stage .

An application like referred to be huge application as it contains part of highlights which might be demonstrated exorbitant and may not be required for learners at starting stage . The most ideal approach to make sense of this is specialist any software development company , who can manage you which highlights is fundamentally required at starting phase of development and which can be included in not so distant future . This procedure helps cloisters usefulness and make speedier developmental process .

Determining Goals In RFP Is smart thought

A rundown of highlights will be of no utilization in the event that it does exclude setting . Making a reasonable comprehension of your business objectives , what you need to accomplish through that software will assist potential seller with bettering comprehend what precisely is other necessity and what change is required in your current framework . Together with the experience and specialization of specialized authority , they can defeat with more suitable arrangement .

Offer Your Experience

Sharing your part involvement with software development companies gives us more understanding about conceivable traps no issues whether it is certain or negative . Your involvement with the past software development company causes us comprehend your decision of generation process . A positive ordeal in every case twofold down any past progress and enhances the future work .

Request Specialist If You Don’t Know The Solution For Problem

It’s not important to have a particular arrangement of stack and configuration as a main priority before moving toward a seller . Having an objective in your psyche will likewise be sufficient to achieve any software development company and leave the rest work of plan , investigate and create to them .


RFP is fundamental advance in custom software development . We trust this blog have guided you the means that should be taken to have a decent RFP .

We likewise offer a free estimation of the software development cost ! Get in touch with us now .

The Future Approach To Software With Automated ERP System


The software needs in the business association has expanded such that no business currently is too little to have software incorporated framework . That is the reason it is know to be the time of original software driven business .

When discussing the software arrangement , there are two different ways to select in with . Either business picks the mass seller arrangement effectively accessible in the market which they can buy in on month to month premise or so , or on the opposite side they can contribute on custom software development arrangement .

Software now a days go about as an issue solver for the vast majority of the business . The present association wind up with several bits of software , bought in based on which their business develops and in the meantime additionally help to get their business oversaw .

Every one of the software arrangement talked above has their own particular advantages and friends pick those arrangement as per their business challenges . The most advantage can be gotten from these software arrangement when these software applications can converse with each other and in the meantime ability to cooperate as a group .

Settling Data Gap With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

For any fruitful association , data is control which must be put away midway with the assistance of software based solutions . Information dependably go about as a benefit for any organization , and uniquely when association is huge in measure , wherein many information are getting gathered each and every day .

Accept if your application can’t be associated with each other . At that point you might circled to every individual software answer for gather the information which will devour bunches of time .

This is precisely where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ventures in . ERP encourages a solitary brought together database answer for your software application , making a clean and promptly accessible informational indexes .

Illuminating Complex Process With Business Process Automation

Its not just the information which will endure amid non correspondence between software application , business process will likewise endure in the meantime .

Reiteration of work isn’t enjoyed by anybody , and that is the reason business process computerization software arrangement is required in the business association .

For example say you are a managing in e-commmerce industry , appropriate from promoting of items to gathering installment with Point Of Sales (POS) , shipping , customer bolster and so on , all must work in a solitary stream with no hinderance , which can be just conceivable either through a computerized software or a tedious assignment by your group – Well decision is yours !!

It will be your fortunes if your software arrangement furnish all the vital element with straightforward combination , else you can get some custom software development for enhancing your robotization and carry on your business stream consistently.

No Business Is Too Small For Software Integration

There is a difficulty that lone huge partnerships ought to put resources into ERP solutions . Well that may now be genuine .

The reality of the situation being regardless of what is the span of business , it will dependably get profited from software coordination by means of mechanization or ERP . It is ordinarily observed in the vast majority of the little scale business association that they totally depends on their workers for everyday conveyance of the procedure . I genuinely can’t comprehend why they preliminary the software that can enable them to free up their representatives

Where To Start With : ERP And Automation ?

Despite the measure of business association , we would prescribe the accompanying methodology for at any rate beginning :

Continuously guarantee to begin with the prepared to end software answer for begin with as that can be begun on the spot with almost no venture on month to month premise .

Recognize the circumstance for which you can get the mechanized arrangement , or you can counsel WinklixTech to get your free interview .

As a custom software development organization we attempt to give out of the crate answer for enterprises .

We want to accept each software development as a test and offers answer for best incorporate it. Discussion is in every case free .