Pros and Cons of SAP Business objects

Pros and Cons of SAP Business objects

If you want to know the pros and cons of SAP business objects then this article will help you to understand it in a better way and will help you to decide whether SAP Business object is the good solution or not for your business.

Pros of SAP Business Objects

Massive Resources

Business Objects is a well- established brand that’s been in the niche right from the progeny- go. Backed by massive coffers, you can trust that Business Objects are then to stay. In fact, according to a recent study, SAP enjoys further than$ 3 billion in periodic earnings and has captured nearly one- quarter of request share1. serve it to say, SAP not only has the fiscal coffers but also the specialised coffers to go through development cycles and ameliorate their products as necessary. And due to its inviting relinquishment rates, you ’ll no way have trouble changing an inventor professed in Business Objects ’ personal language.

Nearly Endless Scalability

Business Objects is an enterprise reporting tool, whereas SAP’s other popular BI tools, Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Garçon, are designed to ramify small to medium- sized businesses. Whether your association has,000 druggies,,000 druggies, or further, Business Objects can handle the task and scale as your association grows. Hands down, scalability is one of the primary reasons large pots choose Business Objects for their BI needs.

Robust point Set

In addition to scalability, another big advantage of Business Objects is that it can handle a myriad of complex reporting tasks. As a result, numerous Fortune 500 companies have “ formalised ” on Business Objects, meaning they ’ve bought a top- position enterprise licence and made Business Objects their company’s “ reporting standard”. ”

Protean Integration

Business Objects can connect to a variety of data sources similar to OLAP, and XML. It can also connect to any number of integration points like SharePoint, Java, Microsoft Office and. NET. In fact, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, integration with enterprise operations is one of the primary reasons numerous associations elect SAP as their BI vendor2.

Solid Administrative and Data Governances

Business Objects has the tools and features demanded for large- scale stoner deployment, access and security control. It can integrate with multiple norms similar as LDAP security providers and Single- subscribe- On( SSO) results for stoner provisioning and has the position of security demanded to circumscribe access at the report position. numerous software merchandisers are suitable to integrate their security models with the Business Object API to give data position security as well.

Cons of SAP Business Objects

Quite precious

A significant debit to Business Objects is its cost- including both its original and its continuance cost. From our exploration and experience, not only does it bring at least$,000 to buy( at the veritably minimal), it is n’t unheard of for companies at the enterprise position to spend millions. Add on labour expenditure and 18- 20 percent monthly conservation cost, and in no time at all Business Objects becomes excessively precious. When we took at look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant we discovered that 42 percent of those surveyed linked the cost of Business Objects as a reason they’ve not expanded its deployment within their association.

Requires a Number of waiters

Business Objects can bear a number of waiters and expansive tackle. For illustration, from our experience, we know that the bedded Business Objects reporting option for the CA Service office requires four services. The cost of the tackle, expenditure of maintaining the waiters and associated executive costs can add up snappily with Business Objects.

elevation is delicate

A complaint we hear frequently from associations that have used Business Objects is that it’s delicate to upgrade. A Google hunt confirms that numerous Business Objects druggies endure a worrisome migration experience. As a whole, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, SAP was rated more delicate than the check normal when it came to migration. Likewise, those using BusinessObjects3.1 rated it the most delicate to upgrade of all the products in the Gartner check.

Not Business stoner-Friendly

Business Objects is an inventor platform. That means associations that want to work Business Objects will need the support of a largely professed development platoon. End druggies can not do effects like produce reports or make dashboards operations on their own. Not only does the need for an IT platoon add to the cost of Business Objects, it also means the end stoner may stay hours or days to get the business intelligence they need to make sound, fact- grounded opinions. When they eventually get the data, it’s banal.

High- Pressure Deals and Poor Support

Although SAP is making trouble to ameliorate its client service by doing effects like creating a new BI client Success website and expanding online training class, Gartner notes that its guests still rated it below normal for support and third- smallest overall for deals experience.


Still, you ca n’t go wrong with a request leader like Business Objects, If you ’re looking for a “ safe choice ”- and you can go with it. Business Objects may also be the right choice if you need to run complex queries and want a largely scalable result. Still, if you want a BI tool the business stoner can work, Business Objects isn’t the right result for you. In fact, if you do n’t have a platoon of IT inventors and you ca n’t go to hire one, Business Objects isn’t a feasible option.