Effects of custom software development on business

custom software development

“One software meets all business needs ” is not particularly the case in real time business computing environment . Every business industry is different and it is almost next to impossible to have a common software which suits all the business needs . The best solution to this problem is to make a custom software development solution according to the business tailored needs . Custom software development gives numerous of benefits to business owners and some of them has been described below :

Better Efficiency

Optimisation your efficiency of business and increasing the productivity of employee is always  critical for increased productivity . The more you perform , the better will be the efficiency of the organisation . A tailored made custom software solution will help you achieve better request handling and order processing process , customise reports according to needs , thereby boost revenue of the company .

Lower Cost

Yes you heard it right !! When we ar talking about custom software development , you must have heard that it cost very higher in comparison with mass vendor solution like SalesForce .
But the fact is it gives lower cost when we are considering it for long run in terms of :
  • Upfront licensing cost
  • Per user cost
  • Staff training
  • Customisation for missing functionality
Lets say you are comparing the cost in a long run of 5 years , you will be really surprised to see the return on investment with choosing custom made solution for your business .

Support & Maintenance

It is fact that mass vendor solutions like SalesForce , have almost no chance of any type of problems even occasionally , but the problem is if you have set up the mass vendor solution and want any kind of support , you will necessarily have to wait for your turn for any kind of assistance as they are having various other customers to. The alternative solution may be hiring a on site engineer permanently on your site which will cost you more .
With Winklix custom software development solution , your support is just a phone call away. As our software development have made the complete solution for you , we can do deep inside the software and can develop it accordingly . This is very useful in time of needs and as well as for on going maintenance .


By purchasing off-the-shelf solution , you are increasing the business of the developer and once you stop paying them they will restrict your access to software solution . But in case of custom software development solution , you are building your own product and thereby increasing the net worth of your own company . At the same time it is proven beneficial in long run and gives you higher profit and return on investment.
Do don’t choose the mass vendor solution . Rather start implementing custom software development to show the world about your individual expertise and stand out of your competitors .