Points To CheckList For Evaluating CRM Software Reliability

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Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) software have become the must must software for any business organisation . The sales and marketing department totally relies on these kind of softwares for their success and achieving targets . Gone are those days when there were only computer based installed system which can be afforded by large enterprises . Now cloud based CRM software solution has come into effect which is really easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser . The main benefit of using cloud based CRM solutions being is even be it a small organisation or a large organisation anyone can afford this .

Now the question arises being is that inspite of having numerous of CRM software solution , how can you select the right one for your business which can be proven reliable and effective solution for your organisation .

Let’s look at the quick checklist in order to evaluate potential CRM software solution :

Integration :

This is all about how well your CRM software is connected with mobile , social and email ? Mobile integration is must must approach in 2018 , and you may be missing out the major benefits of CRM in case you are not accessing your CRM from phone or tablets .
A good CRM software solution will facilitate you to send SMS together with social media integration. Your CRM should be able to integrate your email in CRM in order to track your leads and converting them into customers . It also facilitates to sync calendars and send reminders and schedule appointments .

Accessibility :

According to reports , in 2007 only 12 percent of the business are using cloud based CRM software solution  , but according to latest reports 87 % of the business are now using cloud based CRM software solution . The main reason behind this is increase use of smartphones and tablets leading to increasing amount of business .

Data Quality :

Data quality is one of the major concern and act as a important factor in judging software reliability . The data is the heart of every organisation and determined the effectiveness of communication with customers .
The CRM which gives you quick data access and timely customer updates to customer is known to be the best system for customer updates .


Powerful reporting will ensure you that you are moving ahead accurately and getting trustworthy and timely data .
Reporting also allows you to export data in preferred format , including proper filtering and graphing.Reporting also allows you to successively track the sales report and vast array of different metrics that matters to you to make data driven discussion .


The security is one of the major concern for any organisation . Information including customer data , payments , files , purchase history must be confidential , and only accessible by authorised user .
Cloud based CRM has improved the security concern. Online repository system takes care of all the data driven things .

Service And Support

Finally a CRM system will be proven good only if it is backed up by service and support system by vendor  . Your CRM Software Development Company must provide you with real time staff support which should include data migration , staff training , regular check in and more .