Factors That Need To Be Considered While Choosing Small Business CRM

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Well we have got the bad news for you – choosing a right CRM specially for small business can be a confusing task .

When comparing in respect to of the impact of CRM on revenue growth , you would probably get the best decision output . Some of the factors are listed below considering which you will more likely to take more informed decision .

How Fast Your Team Will Adopt CRM

Most of the CRM initiative in the company fails as the company employees fails to adopt it . They may be don’t want to upgrade their existing technology or find a CRM solution a little tidy job . This all will result in CRM investment go down as your employees are actually not using it .

Again if you are thinking of forcefully implementing it in your organisation , it will result in none other than poor quality data , which will ultimately result in downgrade of business leads which you were expecting .

For this a CRM software should be easy enough to be understandable and easy to use as their everyday consumers software .

The best way to overcome with this challenge is :

Choose widely used CRM – Design and user experience attract user to use the CRM solution . If CRM solution is not easy , it will hamper your employee daily routine and familiarity .

Choose all in one CRM solution – Look for the tailor made solution that do the most of the task automatically . Right from sending automated email to easy follow ups , it should be done by the CRM rather than manual taking of process .

Total Cost Of CRM Ownership

Some of the biggest cost while implementing of CRM solution in any organisation is the total cost is not visible at once , but it will be shown up from time to time thus forcing you pay for the CRM and loosing your pockets . Apart from the license fees or one time investment of the CRM , there are actually two other important factors that need to be taken care of :

Cost Of Implementation 

The cost of implementation depends on the vendor you are choosing from . Vendors may be of two types , mass vendors who are providing ready to use CRM solution on monthly renewal basis on the basis of number of user , and secondly the vendors who are offering you custom CRM development solution  in which you have to pay a large amount all at once . Well both the CRM providers are well equipped with tools that helps you get started with setting up the system and start using it .

Cost Of Maintenance And Support

In order to keep the CRM upto date and keep in tailoring according to your needs , you need to necessarily hire a full time CRM system administrator which will cost twice the cost of the licence of the CRM on annual basis . While the custom CRM solution might lake a little lesser .

Scale : Will It be Scalable With You ?

It is another important factor and this factor should be taken care of . Suppose right now your organisation is dealing with only 2-3 staff . What if it scaled up to more than 10 staff . Will your CRM system will be able to provide viable solution at reasonable cost ? You must move forward with a CRM that is ready to scale up with you for the next 3-5 years . Your CRM must have the capability of allowing user to see specific data in CRM , should have advance reporting module with automation module that helps organisation to minimise the most cumbersome task and hard followups . Also your CRM should be flexible enough in case you want to integrate it with other IT systems .

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Clear Outcome – What Is Your Expectation ?

We are really surprised to know that most of the business organisation are ignoring this step . They choose the CRM vendor without even seeing the output of the CRM implementation practically .

Yes is a critical software which helps you to maintain sales and customer relationship , without which your company pillars will stand nowhere in the marketplace . Setting clear goals and targets is the key to success for any business organisation .

The more specific your goal is , the better decision you will be able to take which means a better outcome . Are you planning to expand your business . They you may be in need of more leads to be materialised in order to increase a win rate , which can be achieved by choosing the best CRM solution .

Choosing the best CRM software development company can yield your growth and return on investment .

Winklix is leading software development company providing SalesForce customisation , Sugar CRM customisation and custom CRM development solution .

What Benefits Can A CRM Build For Your Business ?

It an known fact that as a business grows , you need to offer your customer a best support services , as it acct as a key factor for any business growth . At the same time business need to maintain an updated customer information and streamline custom management process . In order to get all these problems solved , companies prefer to use CRM software that aids them in catering all their needs irrespective of company’s size , industry and client they are actually dealing in with .

So what actually a CRM software is so popular and how can they be proven beneficial for your business organisation ? Given below are some points that are describing the key benefit of CRM software .

Communication Enhancement Across Organisation

One of the biggest advantage of CRM software system is they effectively manage the communication between different departments . For instance an employee of the organisation is working with the customer with whom colleague might have spoken a month ago . It is just because of the CRM system that employee will be able to track all the past records of the customer and thus can server the customer at the same level as he can got server earlier , as employee is actually able to see the track records , call records and other information as required with the help of CRM . CRM software system helps manage customer relationship effectively and see big picture at any time .

Not Surfing But Targeting

Another major benefit of CRM is it helps targeting the right category of customer according to their interest , and thereby providing them with special offers and discounts as per their needs . CRM system also provide to shoot email to the targeted customer automatically so that it can reach directly in contact with targeted customer and can increase return on investment .

One Platform For All Data

Imagine you want to search the customer phone and other information to whom you might have talked months ago . What is the way out ? You may start searching the data from your phone books or  browsing your email ! Nope ,  CRM provides you all the data under one platform , and can be searched by just a click away .

Automate Every Task

There are plenty of small small task that plays a important role in sales process and need to be addressed in order to function properly . Filling out forms , sending reports , and addressing legal issues are important for managing sales pipeline .

Any structured process in the sales process can be automated with a CRM .

Taking Advantages Of AI

In keeping in mind the automation technology , let’s discuss about artificial intelligence . As studies shows any manager in any  organisation spends more than half of the time in administrative coordination and control . This means they are actually spending a major part of their time in gathering data and managing the same . How about managing them automatically ?

Let’s consider some of the advantages from AI :

  • Sales prediction
  • Getting customer insight on the basis of their past trends .
  • Getting data analysis at every stage in process.
  • Giving customer modern experience
  • Technological advancement helps saving of time and money

All the advantage stated above helps you to cut down your cost and save money and at the same time be ahead of your customer .

Increase Conversion Rates

It is the most likely case that a customer comes online for shopping , adds the product in the cart and then left over . CRM helps you to deal with this kind of situation by storing the cart item of the customer , then sending them the automated mail for approaching customer to buy the product together with offering them discount coupons will influence them for buying of product .  Also customer also hesitate in buying the product without availing a online customer support and chat features . CRM helps you to offer the same. .

Improves Customer Experience

Customer time is valuable and so is yours. With a CRM , your sales team can be armed with customer trends and history and can provide a solution within minutes right from past records to purchase and so on .

At present world a mobile CRM technology can provide you with extra advantages . Mobile apps can be access anytime , anywhere with just a fingertip .

Sales Team Productivity Improvement

Most of the employees of the organisation faces some common challenges like lack of providing high quality customer support , client data scattered over different places and more . Communicating with the sales team is also a big task for the sales head specially when they are on the field . CRM helps to store the data in one single place can be easily access by anywhere with use of cloud based CRM software solution . At the same time sales manager can also be in touch with sales team , can communicate with them via mobile app CRM and can track the location of the sales employee  thus helping in better management .

Ready To Get The Most Out Of CRM

CRM system has spread their branches all over the business world . This system helps organisation on focusing on the one which matters the most . So in case you are looking for CRM software development company for your business , contact us to make this process simple for you .

ERP VS CRM Software

Enterprise Resource Planning. (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are business driven software that helps in increasing business efficiency and reducing cost for an organisation . Using CRM and ERP helps to effectively manage customer interaction .

ERP may help you to effectively measure sales and marketing department performance but will fail to measure the performance of customer which is often measured by a CRM software . Let’s discuss some merits and uses .


CRM is a software helps to manage company’s customer interaction in organised manner . CRM compromises of all the features like sales and support , customer interaction and engagement , prospectus and business partner .

Traditionally CRM was the software used by only sales department to maintain client and prospectus . But when it comes to reality CRM is used by different department for multiple purposes .  For instance a CRM can be used by sales department to take regular follow ups , sales projection can also be predicted by CRM , and at the same time support and complain department may use CRM to raise a support ticket and assign the executive for solving the complain / support to customer . Modern CRM also has marketing automation system thus enabling marketing department to send mass email to all customer at once regarding any kind of promotion or offers thereof .

When is specially comes to the used of the CRM , there is no limit of its usability . It is just like sea which has no end point .


While at the coins one side CRM focuses on front side office management , ERP system on the other side focuses on business at large . ERP facilitates sharing of information with the rest of the company , thereby facilitating improvement of overall efficiency . ERP has been customised for each of the industry individually as per their demands and supply like manufacturing , product or finance department ERP system automates many of the organisation process thus enabling company to make better strategic decision .

In other words , ERP is back office application as it is no way related to customer management .


Look why the title of this section is not ” CRM or ERP ” .  Both software servers completely different task which is yet a very important task of the organisation . CRM helps in building a deeper relationship with the livelihood of any business organisation ” Customer” thereby making a profitable enterprise , whereas on the other hand ERP allows internal management of the organisation as it may encounter from time to time .

Having both solution for business namely ERP and CRM software solution is always proven beneficial for any company thus increasing profit , saving time and increasing staff efficiency .

Usually a growing business organisation will first adopt a CRM solution to establish a stronger customer relationship and several support department . In small business organisation there is a small room and teams are just a few feet away , then obviously there is no need of using the ERP system .

Thereby a CRM system will help in marketing automation together with maintaining healthy relationship with clients by sales force automation , thereby creating new business opportunities thus helping business grow to the point when ERP system becomes the necessity of the organisation .

Integrating ERP And CRM

Once your business system has stepped into ERP system together with CRM its time to start thinking about the integration process of CRM and ERP .

Lack of integration gap may increase the information gap within the company . For instance a manufacturer might keep the stock record on the ERP system which may later be crossed checked by sales department before processing any of the orders , thereby confirming stock availability and also automating the task of stock update , which may result in some error in case of manual entry . On the same time a sales representative may check the customer credit history and can give them stock as per the existing credit history only .

So before purchasing or handing over your software development requirement , business organisation should evaluate their specific needs and requirement to the software development company. Here at Winklix , every business organisation must adopt a basic CRM for their organisation , but if later on their working are getting complex day by day , then they may move to ERP system integration .