How Small Business Can Get Big Data Benefits

How Small Business Can Get Big Data Benefits

It has been often presumed that small companies often does not require big data implementation as their data is less in numbers , but particularly it does not mean that big data initiatives should be set aside for them . From Winklix past experience on big data implementation services , even small companies are capable of acquiring data driven insights if they implement it on fast scale .

However it should always be kept in mind that big data analysis will result in meaningful insights only if data sources are chosen wisely . The biggest challenge that small companies face restraint on their selection process due to their limited budget due to their small in nature . In order to help you out to get out with this situation , Winklix herein presents internal and external data sources below which you should take caee of below .


Customer Relationship Management software or CRM takes care of sales , marketing and after sales support service . It also facilitates integration with third party software ( website , Helpdesk , e-commerce etc .) , and that is the reason CRM becomes one storage points for storing all touch points of customers data . By deep analysis of the collected data , you actually can :

  • Get 360-degree customer view which helps facilitating personalised experience . Assume you have clear customer journey right from beginning , then you can actually use their opportunity to convert inquiries into sales by facilitating sales guy to offer customers what they exactly want .
  • Modify your products / services or create the new one as per emerging customers needs on the basis of customers past records, complaints raised by them and so on 

Your Website 

Analysis of website data plays important role in improving the overall presence online and at the same time also help you in deep insights on how you can actually meet your lead generation goals on real time basis . Big data solution with the collected data sources can help you with :

  • Customising your website pages on the basis of traffic sources .
  • Improving customers journey by understanding what actually afters customers behaviour and then optimising your website on the basis of customers needs .
  • Automatic raising of conversion rate by actually analysis of present conversion rates with new opportunities available in marketplace .
  • Updating marketing campaigns by assessing their performance .

Social Media 

In present world , internal data analysis is not enough to gather all required information for small business . Rather analysis of social trends and outperforming competitors can help you get ahead of your competitors . Social media channels contains data for your existing as well as new customers which can help you with : 

  • Run marketing campaigns by properly analysing customers sentiments .
  • Generate strategy to create your brand recognition through analysis of customers feedback , and then to convert your followers into customers .

See How Small Business Uses Data Sources 

According to IBM Search , 62 % of retailers leverage big data analytics to keep ahead of your competition . Tracking of customers helps analysis of buyers behaviour and feedback , thereby aids in gaining customers feedback and behaviour . The collected data can be compared with social trends to identify patters and correlations that helps in offering and defining market strategy .

Get Ready To Go With Big Data 

The global business is already set to grow , so opportunities of big data are also tempting . So are you ready to get thrilling experience of big data analytics implementation , consult Winklix expert to get you going .