Exploring Deception In Software Development – Who’s Is Really Building Your App

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First of all congrats for making it so far . You have your entire business model pre set in your mind , right from wireframes to financial projection , and say you might also have a VC’s in front of you who is happily ready to fund your business . Then obviously you might be thinking of approaching a big Mobile App Development company for your business model .

You might have found the app development agency whom portfolio are flooded with big clientele logo’s like Netflix , Sony , Facebook and so on.

Problem :

You are feeling crazy to check on each app developed by that specific mobile app development company , to see what awesome they really did so far . You web browser are doing their role , but that page might not let loaded . Need not to worry , your browser might be telling you the truth , right ? Perhaps not . Their designer might be doing the internship in some college , but the point is do they able to provide you the appropriate solution for your business problem . If they have really serving large chunks of more than 500 + clients , and are representing as a large companies who have served the large players , then they must be able to satisfy you more than your expectation . However this might not be the case every time with you . They might be willing to flaunt you by showing you they have actually build something for that company .

Solution :

Ask them a simple question , what they really did for those companies ? They might be in some kind of NDA with those companies , but they positively have something to answer , say ” We have designed custom software ” , or ” we designed something for them ” .

Problem :

The company you might have choose might be charging you $ 120 an hour but , but they are not transparent about who is doing your project  .

Solution :

The one and only solution to this problem is ask if you could meet them whether virtually or by walking into their office . By this step you might be able to find why they exactly want so much of time and what are they exactly doing In those hours . Is is an important step , because what if they are  charging you $ 120 or $ 140 an hour and they are actually outsourcing your project to someone situated in India , its not like that Indian app developers don’t have a excellent mind to develop the app , but it is the matter of question that you are paying $ 120 per hour for glorified referral under the guise of honest agency .It might be extreme risk to trust on someone who is actually doing like this and making you fool irrespective of your investment .

Bottom Line

You only have 2 choices at this point of time , either you can blindly trust the developer or you can act as we guided to you . As if it is really been a situation that your app is being outsourced , you can in this world of modernisation can hire a agency by your own rather than paying such a hike prices .
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