WWDC 2020 : What Will Change In Mobile App Development ?

WWDC 2020 : What Will Change In Mobile App Development ?

Apple WWDC event had came to close last week , but this time only digitally . Apple has announced several new and important updates which will surely shake up mobile app development . Let’s quickly look at what all has been announced : 

iOS 14     

As expected Apple has launched its mobile operating system -iOS 14 . In iOS 14 , Apple focuses more on proving personalised experience and convenience to users of their phone . Apart from it , new widgets and App library has also been launched for enhancing user ability to personalise things .

The very first update that user will find in their iPhone is its App Library , which will have capability of auto shorting of mobile apps on the basis of their suitable category so that user can easily navigate between then . For instance Facebook and Instagram will list under social media tab whereas Apple TV+ and Netflix will list under entertainment category . 

User will moreover be also provided with widgets which they can freely move around their home screen in iOS 14 for enhanced personalise experience . One of the attracting widgets introduced by Apple during recent event was Smart Stack , which is we can say a combination of multiple swappable widgets in one and can automatically serialise them according to time of the day .

Other functionalities include picture in picture functionality for video , improved Apple Maps , Translate apps that works on real time basis .

Apple Ditches Intel 

As per the recent remarkable decision by Apple CEO  Tim Cook , Apple will stop using Intel processor in their Mac systems and will replace it by ARM-based Apple Silicon Chips for Macs . It is expected that the very first version of Apple Mac with Silicon chip will be released later this year which will be part of transition which is expected to take about two years . Apple has replaced the chip to make their Mac more energy efficient as well as ensure better performance and battery life .
Apple was using intel processor for last 15 years . But now Apple Mac computers will be able to run apps that has specifically been made for iPhone and iPad . Moreover developers will be able to developer apps that would work perfectly on Apple’s hardware . 
Apple has also launched its new Mac operating system named as Big Sur , which has been built specifically for integration as well as allows latest processor to allow smooth integration .


Apple smart home technology will be using facial recognition technology to facilitate user to see and recognise who is on the door with the use of their smart doors and cameras . Using this as a technology user can also control and adjust their lighting at their home . At the same time Apple touted security will protect customer by providing them with end to end encryption .
Apple at the same time is also partnering with Amazon , Google and other tech giant to establish and expand their smart home network , facilitating easier use of their technology to their user .

Watch OS7, TvOS 14 & Mac OS Big Sur

Watch OS 7 : As in iPhone iOS 14 , Apple Watch OS7 is also focusing with delivering personalised experience to users by providing them with option to create their watch faces as well ass sharing them with the user .
Apart from it , the most awaited announcement for sleep tracking capabilities to watch was also announced . The new watchOS feature is enabled with sleep tracking feature which has Wind Down mode , which aids in user to go to sleep by setting desired bed time , wake-up-time as well as setting your screen to Do Not Disturb . 
In addition to it , it will also have hand wash timer , so that you can actually count down for how many seconds you have washed your hands . tvOS 14 : With this latest OS update , Apple focuses on enhancing gaming experiences for keen gamers . Apple has expanded support for Xbox controller to even work with Xbox Elite 2 or Xbox Adaptive Controllers , thereby making gaming experience extremely worth spending . 
In addition to it , Apple has also introduced Apple Arcade game on their Apple TV , so that user can play right from the point wherein they have left playing on their iPhone and iPad .
Mac OS Big Sur : With latest updates , Apple is claiming 50 % increase in speed of upgraded browser such as Safari and Guide . Safari has been further added with better tab management feature for smoother experience . 

AirPods Get Some Serious Updates 

Apple AirPods Pro will get spacial-audio by making use of directional audio filters , on the basis of your device direction , in order to give you sound experience from two earbuds . The new firmware update will also facilitate automatic switching as well as creation of seamless transition while playing audio on one device and switching over to another ( ie MacBook or iPad ) .

How Will WWDC 2020 Will Impact Mobile App Development

One of the most interesting announcement is user privacy feature in iOS 14 . Apps need to specifically obtain permission from users in order to use Identifier for Advertisers , the IDFA , which will be granted permission in order to track across apps and services .

By above written features , it is very clear that developers have to effectively ask users for getting their permission to track as well as clarify the value exchange in granting permission to their users . In addition to it , other iPhone app developers as well as business have to redefine their strategy though implementing new formats of app discovery and user acquisitions .



If we want reliable cars, we turn to German brands. If we prefer affordable labor, we turn to China. But if we want to learn about business problem solving, we can take a cue from the Japanese. The Japanese Kaizen method is a philosophy that means “continuous improvement.” And in business, this is the main sauce to make your company stay afloat. 

Without perennially making small and major tweaks in your work ethic, operations, skills, and overall process, you’re left stagnant – right where you first started. We’ve rounded up eight useful steps to help newbie and experienced business owners solve business problems. 

1. Determine the problem

You won’t be able to solve a business problem if you’re not going to take proactive measures to really know what it is. So the first step would be to find out what the problem is. Know what’s a hindrance to better business methods. 

That said, ensure that you go to the bottom of the issue. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

  • What is the problem?
  • When did it start?
  • How did you find out?
  • Identify the duration of the issue
  • Who are the people involved?
  • Who are the right people to talk to?

Finally, gather all the evidence, data, resources, documents you can to further prove instead of relying on theories. 

2. Drill down the problem into macro-problems

Once you have the first set of information you need to tackle on the problem, you can now break it down to macro-problems. The upper hand of breaking down one major issue to smaller ones is that you can assess every process involved in trying to solve the issue. 

This will also make you open your eyes to some of the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This means you will see small issues that have a significant impact on the entire business processes. 

3. Set your goals

Once you have all the necessary and complete information, it’s time to set your goals. Why? Because without your goals, you can be sidetracked along the way. Without a guide, you can be lost and might deviate from the main issue at hand.

It’s important to set goals and timelines so you know if you’re close to success or if you need to change methods. You can take these three steps:

  • Identify the goal
  • How does this problem affect the goal
  • What benefits will you get from providing solutions to the problem

4. Dig deeper into the root cause

This step is crucial as it needs to tackle all the macro-problems to know the root cause. The keyword here is “root cause.” When you’re facing the problem head-on, try to see beyond the external issues. Although you can easily set up a spy camera with audio to act as your eyes in the company, you wouldn’t know what the underlying issue is when you’re only looking through the lens. 

You can talk to various departments and know what their predicaments are. What bothers them? What slows down their operations? Is there a flaw in communication? Is the system not streamlined?

It’s essential that you know what lies underneath the major issue so you know what measures to implement. 

5. Develop solutions with the team

During this stage, you need to sit down with a representative from each department to know what works and what doesn’t. Try to gather opinions, suggestions, and feedback. Be receptive to everything. 

Then write all solutions down and filter those that align with your goals and the problem at hand. Then you need to assign a person-in-charge for each solution and set a timeline. This is to ensure that no process lags. 

6. Implement solutions

Now that you have your action plan, it’s time to execute. Stay within the timeline to avoid losing revenue (if the problem impacts that). Deploy stringent measures so everyone works on a double and not slack around. Lastly, always submit daily reports of what actions they’ve taken and verify.

7. Analyze impact

Once you’ve executed the first few measures, analyze and monitor if they’re making the problem better. If not, go back to step three and repeat the next steps. 

8. Employ the Kaizen technique

Once you’ve successfully achieved your goal, always strive to improve. Without continuous improvement, your business will not thrive in a cut-throat industry. You have to make sure you stay on top of the game. 

If you see a minor problem, don’t wait until it turns into a colossal issue. Take the bull by the horns and you’ll see your business forge forward. 


Eliza Brooks loves to write about home improvement, interior designs, and more. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of spy equipment and surveillance gear, including spy camera with audio, voice recorders, gps trackers, and more.

10 Amazing On-Demand App Ideas That Will Rock 2020

10 Amazing On-Demand App Ideas That Will Rock 2020

Haven’t you ever wished that you had a Genie that you could call when you need help? An on-demand app is like a Genie for the users! With just a few clicks, it can get them what they want. 

All of us have used at least one on-demand app for our service needs. On-demand services cater to two crucial requirements, need for a service, and timeliness! And, the app makes it easy to access these services instantly. 

User demand for on-demand apps is rising rapidly. Here are the top on-demand apps that will rule 2020, and further!

  • Home Services

Every household has regular maintenance requirements that add stress to the busy lives of the people. Home services like laundry, cleaning, plumbing, electrical repairs, construction repairs, etc., consume so much time and effort; and it isn’t easy to manage everything perfectly. 

On-demand home services apps allow users to connect with plumbers, electricians, home cleaning workers, and other home services providers. They can choose the service, pay online, and get the job done at their convenience.   

  • Virtual Travel

The Coronavirus crisis across the world has given a huge setback to the travel and tourism industry. Many countries aren’t allowing the free movement of tourists to curb the infection. Those who travel for entertainment are missing their foreign trips.

An on-demand virtual travel app can do wonders for travel lovers. This VR-enabled app will allow the users to select the place that they want to visit and take them on a virtual tour as and when required. This can give real-like travel experience without hassles or high costs. Isn’t it amazing!

  • Salon

Salon services are highly in demand. Everyone needs self-grooming. But, the hectic lifestyles don’t allow many to commute for hours to visit salons for grooming. 

So, an on-demand salon app comes handy for the users who can avail of services from the best beauticians and salon specialists. 

This app will also allow comparing the salon services based on user feedback and reviews.  

  • Freelance Jobs

We are in an era of remote work and freelancing. Even very highly skilled people love work flexibility and want to focus on work-life balance. At the same time, everyone needs income to sustain himself. 

Freelance work is the solution in such a situation, but it is not easy for freelancers to find the right networks that could give them good projects regularly. 

On-demand job services apps allow freelance work-seekers to connect with those looking for professional services in different fields. 

For temporary or ad-hoc assignments, many individuals, companies, or consultants do not prefer hiring permanent employees. So, they can post their work or project on these apps, and the skilled freelancers can pick the job of their choice. 

An on-demand freelancer services app is a boon for both freelancers and service seekers.

  • Food Delivery 

The time constraints make it difficult for students and professionals to cook healthy food every day. But, food is the basic need, and a healthy diet keeps them going. Moreover, some live to eat!

The on-demand food delivery apps allow users to source food from their chosen restaurants on a tap of the mobile screen. On-demand food delivery services are becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons. For the numerous options available on the wide menu, and the convenience of home delivery, these apps are highly in demand. 

  • Cabs

On-demand cabs are the lifeline of an urban lifestyle. A large number of people depend on cabs for their daily commuting needs. The demand for cars has significantly reduced in cities where there are reliable on-demand cab services. 

The reason is simple; buying a car and maintaining it is very costly, especially when the user doesn’t need it every day. If one has to commute only occasionally, it is not feasible for him to buy a car. 

On-demand cab service makes the daily commute hassle-free. Thus, on-demand cab apps are here to stay!  

  • Healthcare

The on-demand healthcare apps connect doctors and patients who need their consultation. These apps allow searching for doctors and booking an appointment from the available slots. 

The on-demand healthcare apps are also sources of reviews and feedback for the patients looking for the right doctor or specialist to consult. 

With extended telemedicine features, an on-demand health app can also give access to the doctor virtually. This is particularly helpful for a patient who needs consultation from a specialist located far from him. Moreover, for mental illnesses that don’t require a physical examination of the patient, telemedicine on-demand apps are excellent support.        

  • Vehicle Repair

When you are stuck on a remote road, and your vehicle gives up, what do you need? An on-demand vehicle repair app comes to the rescue in such a situation. 

An on-demand vehicle repair app connects the user stuck on an odd road at the wrong time to the nearest vehicle repair service provider. It also allows him to choose from the options depending on his budget. So, help is just a click away with an on-demand vehicle repair services app.

  • Babysitting & Elderly Care

If you have kids at home and you have to go for an emergency visit to the doctor, you need a babysitter. Similarly, your old parents who live alone somewhere, with no-one to take care of them, also need care. And what if you can’t reach them when they need urgent help? These are common problems concerning almost everyone.

In these situations, people need trained professional caretakers and babysitters. On-demand babysitting and elderly care services apps arrange immediate help for the users.  

  • Hobby Coaches

On weekends, when people have spare time, they like to try their hands on interesting activities to help them develop new skills. But, not all skills can be easily acquired solely by self-efforts. So, an on-demand coaching services app can help the users find that perfect coach. 

Using an on-demand hobby coaching app, the users can hire different hobby coaches such as music teachers, craft experts, cooking experts, gardening specialists, or tennis coaches, etc. 

The coach will visit their home at the scheduled time and teach them the skills that they are desperate to learn. Isn’t that great! 

Wrapping Up!

The on-demand app industry is growing more than ever before. People are now comfortable using these apps, and they prefer to avail of the services with the convenience of their mobile phones. 

Commonly, an on-demand app has features such as push notifications, reviews/feedback, wishlist, multiple payment options, chatbot or virtual assistant, etc. The best mobile app developers are also trying innovative features in on-demand apps incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as AR/VR. 

As the demand for the on-demand apps grows, the competition is also set to increase. Users will accept only the best app with a great idea and excellent customer experience; rest will fail to perform in the market! 

Here are some innovative on-demand app ideas for businesses to leverage in 2020. If you have a great on-demand app idea that you want us to convert into reality, contact us now!   

Author BioJin Markov is a Content Writer with GoodFirms. He loves learning about trends in app development while sipping his favorite cup of coffee.