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Winklix Oracle Business Application Development Services

Custom blockchain development services that help you play with cryptocurrency landscape in a way that helps you transform your business with innovative blockchain technology .

Blockchain Implementation

Our expertise in implementation of blockchain technology with using Oracle cloud technology can help you create secured environment by coping up with your proprietary system with Oracle's .

Blockchain Customisation

Oracle blockchain technology is flexible enough in a way that it facilitates custom protocols that help you with inclusion of all business objectives , ensuring your role as a key role in large supply chain .

Blockchain Upgrades

As and when Oracle upgrades their technology in order to facilitate you with advance performance , security and usability , our developers take it as a challenge to upgrade your system to latest technology as well , no matter whether it is related to blockchain wallets , smart contracts and more .

Blockchain Integration

Our developers offers integration services to business who want to integrate blockchain technologies . Our developers create a layer of Blockchain integration after successful implementation process .

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Development

Build your own cryptocurrency for your business organisation with use of Oracle's Blockchain technology which in turn will satisfy your financial services desired including verification of assets during business trade or currency as a way that it generates profits from your business in secured way.

Blockchain API Framework

Winklix provides operational services for Oracle Blockchain API creating decentralised and authoritative architecture for carrying our transactions in secured way . Our deep expertise in Oracle Blockchain's REST API ensures network federate from trusted devices which is carried out in secured and communicable way .

Blockchain Wallet And Exchange

With use of Oracle technology we help you build web wallets with aids you with storiation of cryptocurrency as well as receiving and sending them with ease in wallet . At the same time we also make sure that all features of trading/exchanging multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain tokens are made available for your business so that you can securely process with purchases and can also participate in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) .

Blockchain Smart Contracts

We use Oracle smart contracts technology in order to aid business abide by rules of agreed business contracts by rules of agreed business contracts for improved security and compliances . Oracle Blockchain ensures that all rules are met with two business .

Blockchain Hyperledger Compliance

Oracle is based on native Hyperledger fabric SDK's in a way that it encourages cross industry collaboration of blockchain technology .

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