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Hadoop Programming

Winklix Hadoop programming aids developers with coping up with latest technologies such as Spark , Scala , Python ,Cloudera , Hive and Impala that thereby enables developers to massive storing of data and running successful applications .

Hadoop YARN Architecture

Hadoop YARN ( Yet Another Resource Negotiator ) is an architecture that enables system resources allocation to operate in cluster while organising any task .

HDFS Service

HDFC (Hadoop Distributed File System ) is services that uses NameNode and DataNode to utilise distributed file system which enables data accessing by making custom Hadoop clusters .

Hadoop Integration

We love to provide integration service with third party software components such as Hive , Pig , Flume , Solr , Cassandra , Zookeeper and more .

MapReduce Implementation

Our developers also do MapReduce framework implementation that enables significant volumes of data on large clusters in order to process as well as generate big data sets with parallel , distributed algorithm


We provide SAS/ACCESS to Hadoop for the features like metadata integration and optimisation , Hive interface support , SAS statement mapping and seamless data access .

What Is Hadoop And It's Importance For Development For Business ?

Hadoop is based on open source technology that allows high speed processing of large scale data . Since it is open source software , it is attracting world attention for using as Big Database purposes . It has been developed with help of various companies in and around the world and that is why known to be game changer . It allows the following :

High Speed Processing

Hadoop is best known for its high speed processing and storage of data by using parallel distributed computing . Hadoop is capable enough to handle several tens to hundreds to thousands of service at a time . Since is it available as open source software , it is gaining huge popularity worldwide .

Improve Utilization

Due to expansion of customer and services there is also an increase of big data utilization and processing to next level . Thereby not only web/social companies are using big data technologies but it is also being used for communicating , finance and public sector companies .

Why Choose Winklix For Hadoop Consulting Service ?

The world is dynamic and is changing continuously , and each thoughts and ideas has been flowing through database everyday . Which continues exchange of data , Data management has become one of the important source to meet business expectation . The number of sources that flows data information has also increased to next level , which thereby calling storage , analysis and processing of data . That is the reason business need to hire professional Hadoop developer in order to successfully implement and asset them through in their process . Winklix has in house team of fully compatible Hadoop developers in order to gear you up with in depth knowledge of Hadoop solutions.

Big Data Solution For Business : Enabling Data Driven Decisions

In present world organisation is facing data from various sources , which was never been the case before . As the result of it , many companies had redesigned their approach of traditional enterprise storage and want to upgrade to leverage big data . Big data also facilitates companies to track and analyse business insight and customer behaviour .
At Winklix , we help business in connecting different database thereby aiding business to acquire new business .
Some of the technologies we use at Winklix are :

The best part is big data technologies are not confined to any particular industries . These technologies can be used across all industries such as Banking , Healthcare , Security , Digital Marketing , Media & Advertisement and more .

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