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Custom Integration Service : Winklix

Data , Enterprise And System Integration

We provide custom integration service in such a way that each of your moving part work seamlessly with other , thereby making it easier for management to manage entire organisation .

What We Offer :

Data Integration
We bring the data from various sources together in central data repository . No matter whether data is coming from various networks , multiple clients , different data centres and SaaS application , we will combine them all under one central repository .

Benefits :
-Securely import and import data with your own particular business rationale
-Tweak ETL and data virtualization forms
-Rehash data trades, regardless of whether the host database structure changes
-Examine constant data quicker, including Big Data

Enterprise Integration
Our enterprise integration services includes everything from your ERP,CRM or any other software solutions that you might be using .Our foremost aim is to simplify process so that you can manage your operation with ease .

Benefits :
-Increment productivity and time administration
-Get the data and information you require without numerous applications
-Streamline work process forms and guarantee quality control
-Resolve issue focuses quicker with important incorporation experiences.

System Integration

Convert all your different application and system under one digital roof , which can be accessed from any of the devices . Access all data from one single place .

-Dispense with data copies
-Shield your frameworks from pernicious assaults and digital dangers
-Scale up or down rapidly and effectively
-Accomplish cross-stage coordination and consistent information recovery

Why Choose Winklix ?

Expertise Knowledge
As a top development company in New York , Chicago , London and more , we have helped over 1000+ small , medium as well as large business organisation to integrate data from multiple sources . With out expertise knowledge we can take your operations to next level .

We are focused only towards our client success . Our team will always be available round the clock to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish .

Creating high value custom integration solutions that maximise your ROI to next level is our main goals . Our dedicated team will work for you to meet upto your expectation and you are completely satisfied with our services .

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