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Applications allow businesses to fundamentally change their model and become more agile, efficient, and profitable. At Winklix we're all about partnering with you. As your dedicated web department we execute your ideas into robust web and mobile applications.

Best of Breed Technology

Our team consists of software engineers with 15 + years of combined team experience in all major platforms. This gives our clients options of best programming languages for their project.

Innovation is at the core of our company’s DNA. We’ve published web based products ranging from mission-critical business applications to custom social networking platform – built from the ground up!

Your Web Department

Our unique web department model gives our clients a tremendous advantage. It allows our clients to only pay for the hours they utilize and on a month-to-month basis without a large initial investment.

We essentially become your go-to web department, learning everything we need to know about your business objectives, and then assigning a fully managed team to execute.

Trusted Advisor

Our clients leverage our 3+ years of expertise in web and mobile app development, to help them avoid common pitfalls in platform, security, and architecture.

With a history of providing custom web and mobile app solutions for business leaders, Winklix is uniquely qualified to support your project with in-depth market analysis and go-to-market strategy.


Whether our clients need a custom built social media platform or an enterprise grade business application, Winklix has catered to a multitude of clients, ranging from innovative technology startups to established financial services companies to growing businesses that are building application platforms to revolutionize their business model.
We support the following technologies:

The .NET platform is the software development framework for the Microsoft Windows operating systems and supports custom application development. .NET is a crucial component for many applications running on Windows and offers a common functionality for Windows applications. It offers a comprehensive and consistent structure for creating applications.
Linux is an open-source operating system that can be adapted to more hardware platforms than most other operating systems. Since it is an open source platform, Linux can support dozens of different programming languages to create custom software and applications that can run across all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. Furthermore, the Linux operating system can be applied to desktops, servers, laptops, smart phones, and tablets, allowing for great flexibility in programming.

Often a project will require a combination of programming languages, and our team of developers will use those languages and scripts that are best for the project. Here is a selection of the programming languages and web scripts used by our team:

C# - Preferred for .NET develoment, C# delivers increased speed and high performance
C++ - This language is implemented in most hardware operating system platforms
PHP - Incredibly powerful, PHP helps ypur applications run faster
JavaScript - This is used to create a rich user experience
AJAX - By sending and displaying data from a server without effecting the existing display, AJAX helps reduce load times
Objective-C - An object oriented programming language, preferred for Apple products
Java - This general-purpose, object-oriented programming language is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. This means that compiled Java code can run on multiple platforms without the need for recompilation
ASP.NET - Developed by Microsoft, this web application framework is intended for the development of dynamic websites, web applications, and web services
MySQL - MySQL is an open source relational database management system that allows multi-user access to myriad databases
HTML5 - The primary markup language for creating web pages. HTML5 also includes awesome APIs, such as user geolocation
CSS3 - While not a programming langauge, CSS is used in front end development to make your site look pretty


Mobile apps are essential for any businesses that are looking to streamline their sales, customer service, and business strategy. We take great pride in helping business leaders redefine their success with innovative native mobile applications in all established platforms. We're in the cutting edge of exploring applications for wearable devices that take advantage of native hardware, going beyond traditional touch and click interfaces.


Android has become the dominant operating system for smartphones because it is open source stack and can run on any device. It has become the operating system of choice for companies who require a customizable and lightweight platform that can be installed on different devices. Our Java developers are experienced at building Android systems that run efficiently and utilize the native functionalities of smartphones and tablets.


iOS development is exclusively reserved for Apple products. At the heart of iOS is its multi-touch functionality that allows for direct manipulation of the elements on the screen. Employing Swift and Objective-C programming languages, our developers build powerful iOS applications for iPhones and iPads. We also help move your app through to the Apple Store, so you can reach your market swiftly. And now with the Apple Enterprise program, we're able to deliver businesses' apps for their private user groups.


Since our inception, we've produced countless enterprise-grade e-commerce platforms that allow our clients not only to have a feature-rich storefront, but also an intelligent, customer-centric and sales-optimized design that will keep your customers coming back. Our e-commerce platforms are custom designed for growing enterprises to facilitate easy customer management and check out. Here's a short summary of the advanced e-commerce features we provide:

Front-end Functionality
  • Responsive design to cater to easy checkout on all desktop and mobile platforms
  • Product view by brand, tags, category, subcategory, price range, and other preferences
  • Product tabs to segment reviews, social media feed, videos, attachments, and more
  • Product Cross-selling or Up-selling
  • Dynamic Shipping & Advanced Tax Calculation
Merchant & Custom Features
  • Comprehensive Order Management System
  • Comprehensive Product Management System
  • Detailed Sales Report with Graphical Illustrations
  • Vendor, promotion, and advanced account management
  • Shopping cart abandonment recovery functions
Third Party Integration
  • Major credit card processing systems
  • Major shipment gateways
  • Advnaced tax calculation integration
  • Marketing Automation integration


User interface / user design is crucial for creating engaging applications. We know the goals of your users and anticipate their actions and expectations, maintaining the delicate balancing act between achieving that visual "wow" factor and retaining an easy-to-use functionality.

User Interface

According to TechCrunch, 79% of mobile users will try an app a second time if the user experience is less than optimal, but this number plummets to 16% after users try the app one more time! Our multidisciplinary team builds products that are designed for seamless usability.

User Experience

Our developers use human and machine testing techniques to test your application from start to end, leaving no stone unturned! We take a unique approach to addressing user experience concerns, even before coding begins. This entails working closely with you to layout a blueprint of all features, functionalities, and interactions for the app in an interactive wireframe-like prototype.


Our process starts out with a set of in-depth discovery calls, so that we can find out everthing we need to know in terms of your product vision and business rules. We move from there into design and development using interactive prototypes, while communicating regularly with you, to ensure that your vision is not diluted in any way. We employ an agile, adaptive software development model, offering our clients tremendous flexibility for the alloted hours of work.

Project Management & Prototyping

Our business analysts and project managers work with you to understand your vision and business rules. After this we build an interactive prototype and get your feedback, which helps us better shape your application to its intended purpose.

Design & Development

First, our experienced designers create unique interactie designs to encapsulate your brand or service. Next, the development team comes in build the backend and connect the dots. Every step of the way, a dedicated project manager will keep an open line of communication and take into account your feedback.


When we test an application we try to break it. (Don't worry, we're not going to break your app) By testing the limits of your application, we help ensure that your final product is ready for market.


Upon launch the team at Winklix has the ability to closely monitor the performance and activity of the applications to provide on-demand support capabilities with advanced intelligence. For us maintenance is beyond upkeeping a platform, it's simply giving our clients the support they need.

Case Studies

Our passion for the work we do for our clients are reflected in what we deliver for them. Below are case studies of a small sample of work we have done over the years in mobile and web application development.