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ERP For Manufacturing

Manufacturing ERP provides excellent support to manufactures dealing in defferent industries.Our software is specially designed to deal with complex challenges and meeting customer requirment, ensure effective supplier managment , will surely help in business growth
Some Major Features Of Our ERP :
-Demand forecasting & planning
-Effective inventory management
-Promising users for connecting their departments, suppliers and customers
-Adopted to support multiple operational activities
-Provides fine integration of procurement, material management, planning, manufacturing and accounting
-Capability of maintaining customer relationship management and ecommerce
-Offers data analysis mechanism that further enhance decision making activities
-Functionality of handling numerous manufacturers at a time
-Eliminates unnecessary operational downtime
-Excellent product traceability and tracking throughout supply chain management
-On-time and flawless delivery
-Users can get quick ROI

Manufacturing ERP Modules

1)CRM(Customer Relationship Managment)
2)Cost And Estimation
3)Sales Managment
4)Distribution Managment
5)SRM(Supplier Relationship Managment)
6)Finance & Accounting
7)HR & Payroll
8)EPM(Employee Performance Managment)
9)ESS(Employee Self Service)
11)Quality Control
12)Service Managment
15)Award Managment
16)Software Administration
19)SCM(supply Chain Managment)
20)Import/Export Managment
21)Cab Managment
22)Job Work
24)Asset Managment
25)Project Managment
26)Franchise Managment
27)Event Managment
28)Electronic Data Interchange

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