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Collaboration Suite

As more and more of a business's data becomes digitized, ensuring that each member of your company is on the same page has become more difficult, often resulting in a decline in productivity, a rise in office acrimony, and finger-pointing. To solve this all-too common problem, we developed our Collaboration Suite, allowing your employees to easily communicate and share their data, making it an essential tool for a company's day-to-day activities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enabling your business to reach its maximum potential requires a set of smart and powerful tools that work together. For instance, managing a new lead from capture to conversion can be a long and confusing process that requires myriad resources. To facilitate client capture, as well as day-to-day business operations, we developed our own patent-pending, easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management software, Office Interactive.

Customer Portal

With the advances made in E-Commerce over the past decade, a new set of expectations has arisen amongst online consumers. At the heart is a call for increased transparency: your customers expect you to provide them with full access to the status of their order, from checkout to delivery. It's this call for transparency that inspired us to develop our Customer Portal software. This allows your business to be highly efficient and organized while providing a 24-hour portal where customers can submit a request, view the status of shipments, and be serviced by your customer representatives. Each portal is fully customized to meet a client's precise needs.


In running a successful e-commerce website, simplicity and an intuitive user interface is crucial for securing sales and creating loyal customers. Since our inception, we've produced countless enterprise-grade e-commerce platforms that allow our clients not only to have a feature-rich storefront, but also an intelligent, customer-centric and sales-optimized design that will keep your customers coming back. Our e-commerce platforms are custom designed for companies of all sizes to facilitate easy customer management and check out. Our advanced drag-and-drop technology makes checking out a breeze; your customers simply click on the products or services they want and drag them into their checkout cart. It's that simple.

Content Management System

Imagine your website as a car. Traditionally, every time your site needed a "tune-up" in the form of new content or redesigning a page, you took it into "the shop" where you would be charged a rather exorbitant fee by your web service provider to manage your content and site design. Winklix' unique Content Management System turns this traditional model on its head, putting the power back in your hands by providing you with intuitive, easy-to-use software that allows you to make significant changes to your site, whenever you want to make them.

Social Media

As more companies see the value of integrating social media features into their website, we have developed a variety of user-friendly social media innovations for our clients, depending on their specific needs. From multi-channel forums covering a range of topics to profile-based social networks, we can create exactly the type of social network you want, with unique site design and site-specific capabilities. We provide enhanced privacy and security, including profile-specific settings so that your users' can determine their level of privacy. Further more, your users can have the ability to easily segment their social groups and profile content based upon their different social groups, like family, friends, work colleagues, and any other group of their designation. Ultimately, if you can dream it, we can do it.

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