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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

While our marketing platform engages your clients and nurtures existing leads, the lead engine generates new leads and helps convert them into clients. Our Lead Engineers utilize demand based online marketing Campaigns on Search Engines, Social Networks, Display and Content Networks to target your prospective clients based on search behavior, geography, social profile, interests, and more.


Demand-based lead generation starts with in-depth competitive analysis, best-performing keyword and call-to-action (CTA) research, and demographic research. This information shapes our targeting approach and ensures our leads are not only highly qualified, but also highly motivated to convert.


Our Lead Engineers know exactly where to find your next lead for less by reducing cost per acquisition (CPA). We cast a wide net that goes beyond traditional search engine advertising, incorporating innovative lead acquisition tactics that include video ads, mobile ads, social ads, display ads and re-targeting, along with Pay Per Click (PPC) Search ads and contextual ads.


Our Lead Engineers know where to find your next lead. Whether your business is local, regional, national or international, we target leads based on geography, search behavior, interests and other criteria.


Digital marketers know how to get clicks; our Lead Engineers take this process one step further by capturing these clicks and turning them into leads - and for us lead are inbound calls and web submissions


On average, 70% of leads must be cultivated prior to conversion. Most companies simply hand in a list of leads and call it a day. Not our Lead Engineers. Our innovative lead nurturing program bridges the gap, cultivating leads that do not immediately convert to improve your ROI.


Integrated online marketing and tracking monitors key touch points, including frequency and response rate, for streamlined conversions, enhanced lead visualization, and adaptive marketing accelerates the conversion process, helping you close the deal two to three weeks faster.

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