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Web Dept.

Web Dept.

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The Web 360 service acts as a go-to web department for growing and mid-sized organizations. It streamlines all web related activities for better accountability, operational efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

The Problem…

The Web Department Model streamlines the process of growing an online presence through the consolidation of the myriad aspects of web design and marketing into a single department that is at your disposal.

  • According to a survey, a hardware retailer found that 75% of its site's visitors bought from competitors due to missing critical site features. (source).
  • 83% of online visitors are likely to leave a web site if it takes too many clicks to find what they're looking for. (Arthur Andersen)
  • Forrester Research claims that when faced with usability problems on a website, 58% of customers will not return to the site. (Forrester Research)
  • $25 billion is lost every year due to web site usability issues. (Zona Research)

  • What is causing these problems ?

  • In the past, decision makers have dealt with web operations as a secondary department, either hiring a new organization to manage their online content, or by delegating the job to a small IT department. Some companies allow their web properties to go years without being updated, giving the customer outdated and misleading information which could potentially make the company liable for lawsuits.

  • Why does it need to be fixed ?

  • How will it help ?

  • What are the benefits of an outsourced Web Department ?

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